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Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

  1. Not just a map but there's literally the same guys around the same fire just placed in different places in different dungeons.

  2. And then after you beat them a second and third wave of the same guys spawn in

  3. Origins was a hit so they rushed out a sequel. The story is basically the trials and tribulations of Hawke, and not much more. Repetitive and boring level design, but it had some great characters and dialogue. I'm not in a rush to replay it but when I do I'll definitely be looking into mods to move things along because the waves of enemies and constant backtracking are all too much to handle for a second playthrough.

  4. It depends on the game's setting and context. In Skyrim there's bandits on the road who will chat with you before trying to rob you. And at one point you'll see a rich couple on their way to a wedding with lots of expensive gifts and they act like assholes, so it's a morale dilemma: should you kill them and loot their corpses?

  5. I want an actual dragon, one that can fly breathe fire and everything, not one that looks like an Argonian straight out of modded Skyrim

  6. Beware of Cream City Vapes. They take months to ship and they're full of poor excuses. Google search for BBB reviews and search reddit too. Terrible reputation. I regret my purchase with Cream City Vapes 110%.

  7. Austin cops shot my friends because they were trying to give medical attention to someone else the Austin cops shot. Fuck the police.

  8. I was in a pretty bad rollover accident back in 2010 where 3 different agencies showed up. I begged Travis county to take the accident, but APD ended up being the one. The cop handling everything was the biggest dick ever and didn't even attempt to assess whether the guy that caused the accident was intoxicated or not (according to numerous witnesses he was most likely drunk). The fucker didn't even get a ticket for the accident or for no insurance. The APD officer and I actually got in to an argument at the hospital because he got pissed when I went to get a bottle of water and he couldn't find me; like I was under arrest or something. My boyfriend was in the ICU with a head injury and this piece of shit cop is scolding me for getting water while my arm is gushing blood from roadrash.

  9. Austin cops shot my friends because they were trying to give medical attention to someone else the Austin cops shot. Fuck the police.

  10. probably took away his peanut butter

  11. Ranked choice voting is the best path forward for this. Everyone tell your elected officials you want it, and vote for it!

  12. Look at all the comrades in here laughing at a man who has genuine reasons to have high security. You couldn’t really find fault with most of his policies*, all you know is that he disgusts you - and for you that’s enough I guess. *there are countless videos online of conservatives interviewing anti-trumpers about his policies or asking for examples of his alleged racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, misogyny, corruption and y’all struggle so much. The really fun videos are where the interviewer presents trump’s policies as being democrat ones and then presents horrible democrat policies as his - and then at the end of the interview they film the reaction of the interviewees who have been praising the policies of trump. P.S. I’m not a republican, an American or even a trump fan. I just love watching and reading people’s strong opinions about “politics” who have no clue about politics, economics, history or human nature 😂. Seize the means of production, comrades! I’ll revel in your downvotes.

  13. You should've seen the movie subreddits before each of the recent Star Wars movies

  14. Great! Another safety hazard and useless driver on the road. There should be a limit on how many times you can take a road test per year. Like, if you fail 3 times in a year, you have to wait a year before taking it again. Especially for younger women drivers. Not all of course but many.

  15. You had me until you mentioned young women drivers. Young men drivers pay more for insurance for a reason - because they're higher risk. Stop talking like an incel.

  16. He’s not wrong. Trump’s base is infinitely stupid and every day they prove they are willing to get stupider.

  17. True but his base has been shrinking every day for a couple years now

  18. Since your submission is flaired as REAL, please reply to this comment with the link to the original, or else Ben Shapiro will steal your feet pics and remove this post.

  19. Subreddit rule: No posting Quartering videos hosted on his channel. (archived videos or links in comments allowed)

  20. You're kidding right? 4 kicks to the head and the guy doesn't seem hurt.

  21. Plenty, that's why I can tell this guy doesn't know what he's doing. If he scares you, you should never fight anyone. Ever.

  22. Satire, sure. But it's not terribly funny. There's a chance somebody could get hurt because of Trump's bullshit. Not worried about the magats, but I'm worried they might target innocent cops or bystanders. I expect there will be violence, not necessarily at the arrest, but somewhere else in the country. Trump's zombies are itching to hurt somebody.

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