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  1. There was a Yahoo piece on bridgewater associates top 10 energy holdings less than a month ago.

  2. didnt dalio take a small position in gamestop?

  3. markets dont just "crash" and certainly not on recession fear, nice try see n bee ci - someones gotta sell their stash

  4. knee-jerk reaction here : with cryphoe green why is c01n down 6.5%???(now 7% only 2 minutes after posting this) i mean they said they have the goods... funny how big banks (cept jp moronica) are very red this morn

  5. Bruh. Reuters is solid - they will not misreport facts, and if they do , they will clearly retract and fire the people responsible, and they have before.

  6. follow the money... if they were so fact based, just why is it they rarely, if ever, report SEC violations against Citadel, Jane Street, Virtu, Wolverine, Point72, Susquehana, Sequoia Capital, and the likes? Have they ever posted anything on BCG, McKinsey, Bain Capital, Deloitte? and not just post print, but articles material to how they actually conduct business and just exactly what their business & operation do? The levels of emptiness from MSM as well as their bias suggests they are complicit.

  7. While I agree they won't cover everything, and might even choose what to cover, what they do cover, they cover accurately.

  8. is USD being held hostage? so if they let gme run they will tank the dollar? i believe yes...

  9. all it means is that the other side of those trades got the money generally funded by banks around the world - to hedge against us plebs, they insure a mechanism to cleverly debase currencies - plebs are to remain loyal subjects

  10. shorts bout to get burned - they need to get out fast

  11. yes - they cannot locate real shares

  12. you are cherished and loved - keep up the beautiful work u lovely ape !

  13. that crwd earnings wasnt all bad - and guidance while not particularly strong wasnt horrible. and wday - that was bad only thing was stock buyback - seems well staged - they need lots and lots of cash

  14. the source of their power is the dollar. they all know it is worthless, hence their aggressive advancement into cbdc. there is competition in that space - oh, i would not be surprised to see martial law imposed - limiting rations and supplies - yea, kinda end-of-times bullshit, but the ones swimming naked was the fed & dtcc all along

  15. someone owns alot of it & cannot afford to let it go red

  16. not by accident !!!! wolf in sheep's clothes

  17. agreed! dtcc & brokers are trying to clean up the mess on other names - that REV then delisted to REVRQ reeks of something worse than poop... it is not the only name living in the otc

  18. Big Brain shit getting past the minimum character rules.

  19. ill leave the words to the experts. my expertise is in crazy-ass mathematics...

  20. They are so over leveraged the entire market is as fragile as a house of cards. They have to walk a very fine line. Stock goes too high they risk Margin Call/FOMO. Stock goes too low and we DRS the float in days. All these shorts are going to maintain that balance so they can live another day.

  21. positive earnings gets people's attention...

  22. Will coinbase still be around in 10 years is the question buyers are asking themselves though.

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