1. Are they all just copying and pasting each others statements?

  2. You read my comment completely wrong, congratulations. I said “I don’t like when people compare Federer and tsitsipas styles”, I felt that was obvious given the parent comment was about Federer but I guess not

  3. No we all understood exactly what you were saying. And then it was really bizarre you just added the “I like lamp” esque portion to it

  4. Last time I’ll break it down for you man. I said I don’t like when Federer and tsitsipas are compared, tsitsipas’ backhand is so ugly that I even prefer norries ugly backhand AESTHETICALLY since that one is often called ugly. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it’s a lefty two hander, it’s about what it LOOKS like. If you can’t understand my comment I’d suggest deleting Reddit and enrolling in your local community college to pick up reading comprehension skills

  5. Nope you’re the one with the dumb comment

  6. Clarkson is the one guy in the nba I would have no problem getting into a street fight with. Dude is the least intimidating human ever lol

  7. Haha the gloves are what make it cringe. I actually think the bmf belt is a good marketing tactic. Just hate that Masvidal is the one attached to it

  8. So much love going around for Wonderboy right now and I’m here for it.

  9. The love never runs out for this man

  10. Nope, she's just from Eastern Europe and advertisers don't seem to want to push you if you can't work in the big markets, China, USA, Japan, etc. Huge spending on American players and Raducanu, Osaka etc as they tap into the Asia market but players like Iga and Ash who are arguably more popular among tennis fans are ignored by sponsors.

  11. Not gonna lie, it’s the second paragraph and we all know it. Not saying it’s right but that’s how the world works.

  12. Osaka doesn't have much sex appeal and she's a huge brand. I dont think thats the whole story re Iga.

  13. I really think Osaka is an outlier. At his peak Kei was the most famous person in Japan and was getting insane amounts of money in endorsements. It’s just the Asian pacific influence

  14. Am I the biggest fan of Jones? Absolutely not.

  15. Gane is the super fight I want to see with Bones. They both kick like tanks and I’m curious to see how Jon’s new weight has impacted that. They’re both the same height but Cyril has been massive forever and is an athletic freak but I just will never bet against Jones

  16. “Kick like tanks” that kinda doesn’t make sense. Maybe kick like a mule.

  17. Because mma doesn’t make sense, covid boy by RNC in R2

  18. Sean really needs to figure out a way to make his face not look so scared lol

  19. Man used to run train on his opponents.

  20. I used to love Conor but I’ve never seen a more insecure person who is capable of killing people with his bare hands and has the money he does lol

  21. God who cares. Either they take the money and we have a Csgo scene or they don’t and it’s gone. What do you people want lol it doesn’t mean you support what the people behind the money do

  22. I seriously don't know how anyone who is a fan of this sport for more than five minutes can't see through to the fact that 99% of fighters are in steroids and that the only people who pop are the ones who got careless.so many morons will take always jones and silvas GOAT status because they popped when people like DC,a goddamn Olympian,are seen to be clean because they never popped

  23. I maintain that you can’t be a professional fighter without steroids. Like your body just isn’t meant to recover from that much brutality over and over and over

  24. Is this supposed to be a lot or a little for 110? Because it seems like, for what you got…lol this is not much for 110

  25. Turnovers, bam disappeared, terrible 3’s. What the fuck dude their whole team is out. We just got beat by Tyus Jones lol

  26. I had the same thing when I was a kid. Instead of growing straight down, my incisor grew sideways/horizontally out of the roof of my mouth. They gave me braces and attached a tiny gold chain between the braces and the tooth to apply pressure to pull it down. Over time, as the tooth gradually got pulled into the correct orientation, they would shorten the chain link by link. Eventually the tooth was straight and they removed the braces and everything. And here I am decades later with a beautiful vertical incisor. I'm going to go eat something with it right now just to celebrate.

  27. Just curious if that tooth is very painful? I assume where it’s growing is like just a permanent sore on the roof of your mouth. I mean, not the tooth itself I guess but the area surrounding it and where it’s protruding from

  28. Wow, didn’t realize we were getting so close to it already. Damn. Kareem in shambles

  29. Honestly it's a surprisingly down to earth take from Jones

  30. I don’t know why people say shit like this. Makes me think you’ve only been following the sport since his last fight and have never seen him fight live lol the dude has talked like this and provided insight about his mindset in this manner the whole time. He just gets himself into trouble but when it comes to fighting the guy is a genius and very level headed

  31. The most influential IGL of the German scene in the early days.

  32. Uhhhhhh probably best to fact check before you comment lol

  33. Iman gadzhi is an absolute scam artist. I can’t believe he actually has a following and the people who do follow him have the intelligence of a shoe lace.

  34. Sean strickland in my opinion, without a shadow of a doubt a closeted gay man that is scared to come out. He reminds me of the brother in Sex Drive.

  35. Lmao imagine thinking adderral is a PED when you have a fair and legal prescription for it. Is he not aware of what adhd is?

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