1. “It’s an industrial strength hairdryer…AND I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!”

  2. Now you just sound like my mom when I introduced her to my ex.

  3. Could they be talking about enabling v-sync in the nvidia control panel but disabling it in game?

  4. They didn't even run on servers. Pretty much all those systems (including xbox 360) ran matches on p2p hosting, randomly choosing a player's connection as the host. Even the Halo 360 games did this.

  5. You’re absolutely right homie idk why you’re getting downvoted. I remember when people would make lag switches for their Xbox 360’s on halo and CoD

  6. Union trades all pay well. Our Machinists make $40 an hour.

  7. My steam deck starts up by hitting the power button

  8. Where was Gondor when the world came out. Lol

  9. Yo, how do you get the performance info into a bar at the top?

  10. Bad Company vs Fable II!? God, I’m gunna be debating about that all day

  11. Do you have D1 on Steam Deck? I say this cuz I remember getting a delta error, seemed tied to not having Ubisoft Connect on my Steam Deck. You need a standalone Ubisoft Connect for D1 to work.. maybe it works with D2 as well?

  12. This is from the Diablo IV product page on Xbox.com:

  13. Don't get jsaux one...it doesn't do video out with hubs.

  14. I know this is old, but their Amazon page now shows video output @ 4K60

  15. IMO your husband doesn’t get a say in whether or not you get a job unless he’s willing to make sacrifices to make it happen. I wanted my wife to be a SAHM so I decided to work 50-60 hours a week to make it happen. Your husband needs to figure out what he wants and start acting like a provider of a family of 5 if he wants a say in how things are done. And I’m not just saying “He needs to stop being lazy and work more.” He needs to be helping with getting signed up for WIC, EBT, and sitting down with you to get a game plan together.

  16. There was an attempt at trying to make him look bad…that’s for true

  17. I have a dream that I hope comes true someday. Most hospitals/doctors (If not all) use the same Medical codes for procedures or surgeries. I want to walk into a doctors office and see those codes/procedures in a menu with listed prices. No more of this hiding behind the curtain bullshit. I want to be able to shop accordingly for my health care.

  18. I think I'm gonna end up around 45k for the whole year. Main job is working in a UPS warehouse. Had a second job most of the year in retail. Made about 40k at UPS and made about 5k working retail most of the year I believe. Hard work but if you grind it can pay decent.

  19. Just be careful. If this is teamsters and you have teamcare insurance, that right there would keep me from going company.

  20. Sadly good insurance doesn't pay my bills. My top option is to get a job that works more hours though. But its all based around seniority. I don't want to leave the union but I need to make more like 50 to 60k than 40k to be comfortable.

  21. I feel for ya, I’m currently dealing with the seniority struggle myself. I hope it works out for ya

  22. Or you can just not do this and your kid can build credit in like 90 days buying gas when he’s old enough.

  23. I’m with you on this one. It’s just a giant circle jerk of debt.

  24. That’s Miller High Life, but I get the sentiment

  25. I want to get good a running countdown, but I’m not gunna lie, the only people that have been vocal lately are complete assholes. I’m trying to learn gotdamnit gimme a break!

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