1. Why is this shit? I think it looks very well done.

  2. I wonder what frame that is sitting on... and why they didn't shorten it.

  3. 73 corvette. Notice the chrome rear bumper.

  4. Looking at the background i want to say they did something with nothing.

  5. I'm sure its fine I'm the brother who had a pinky cut off. Yes it's attached again.

  6. I have the same rims and will be going with the Ridge Grappler 285/45/22. Hopefully there’s no rub since the tires are the same size.

  7. I have rhe 22" on mine and just going up to the 70k mile rubber i get rub when i make hard turns. Not bad but its there.

  8. Yep. Definitely not a demon. Tires and rims are 100% wrong.

  9. Ok, that’s not what happen here… Nature is not kind and help each other. A hedgehog during the day time means he is starving because he is night active animal. He has likely so many parasites and flees that the bird is feeding of him.

  10. Yes, this ^ I know the ones i have found always had ticks all over them.

  11. The warmack brothers in Florida build them. Got licensed from Pontiac and they are expensive. A few different versions.

  12. If you’re talking about Artemis, 8:33 am I think.

  13. Detroit steel wheel company i think. They make 20" stillies. They look grrat on old Lincolns

  14. Isnt there a parent teacher conference tonight?

  15. Supercars of the era were making at minimum, 450 HP, but more often 500-600 HP. A stock Corvette of the time was making between 350-400 HP depending on trim, so that's significantly above 300 HP, but well below "supercar" territory of the era. That said, this car is nowhere close.

  16. My Uncle had one when i was a kid. Big, heavy and slow v12 if i remember. It was a dog. It was a convertible but i doubt it made that much difference

  17. Ford Falcon XB??? A GT XB hardtop coupe. Modified. Sort of Mad Max like, but not exactly that car.

  18. Yep yep. Did you see the guy who built one out of a new challenger? Looks almost exactly like it.

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