1. Well since it’s on fire like a real Diablo, I would say it’s a really good kit.

  2. They look mostly stock. Aftermarket paintjobs maybe

  3. Definitely love the bench. How are you supposed to get freaky going down the road with a giant center console in the middle.

  4. One of the specialty auction sites would be perfect for that thing. I’m specifically thinking bringatrailer.com

  5. Yeah right. As if they just fall off every year and grow back bigger the next year.

  6. Seems like a crosser frame considering the Canti brake mounts and routing. Head tube seems pretty slack too. The world championship stickers on the seat stays should also help narrow down your search as well.

  7. Hey folks. Have the chance to buy this lovely BSA but I think it’s a big boy frame and I’m about 5”7 and 30” inseam. Don’t have the chance to look at it til the end of the week so wanted to rule it out or whatever before then based on what people thought? Seller said he measured the seat tube to be 23” but unsure as to how this age of BSA is measured. Any help appreciated!

  8. Too big for you. Being on a bike that’s a little big is fine (I should be on a 54 or 55 and I often ride a 56), but this thing is way too big for a 5’7” rider. Even if you slam the post down, push the saddle all the way to the front and get the shortest stem possible, you’re still not going to be comfortable. The crank arms are probably something like a 175mm on it and you’d prob want a 165mm. I know too well the disappointment of finding a great old steel bike cheap just to realize it’s much too big for me. I just take them to my local used bike shop and try to trade them for something I can use. Sorry this isn’t your bike. I hope you find one soon!!

  9. A cistern is not the basin of a toilet - it is a receptacle for storing water.

  10. Man I tried to warn Leo's. Got treated like an asshole.

  11. Oh man I remember this guy only had 9 back when I was a pokemoner

  12. Do not use non pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine for anything, ever.

  13. I’m guessing there were a few reasons that movie never went wide.

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