1. It would still be a UFO tho?

  2. If you haven’t watched NOPE, I’d highly recommend

  3. Remember, always turn your safety on. This guy literally was lucky to avoid getting scraped on the leg or putting a hole in his foot. Or losing a toe

  4. “How dare you write dragons as sentient and wise beings instead of ferocious cliched animals?!”

  5. They already beat the BBEG? It sounds like it was fast

  6. So we’re heading to a point in gaming where offline singleplayer will now be online singleplayer. Great

  7. L4D1 is very nostalgic and memorable, so with L4D2. But I seen a comment saying the finales of L4D1 are always holdout events which yeah can get tiring to use the same method. L4D2 has some holdout finales but they also give different objectives which I love. Especially in custom maps truing out new things

  8. Except for me it's the fucking missing texture, Really wanted the WaW Nazi zombies but the game said Nein, and there isn't much out there

  9. Despite that I have the mod that fixes some missing textures, there’s still some mods with missing textures

  10. I'm assuming anyone who hasn't reached puberty couldn't handle the virus in their bodies, perhaps the same goes with the elderly

  11. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/852643998178476052/1019700625811972148/44771230_350.png

  12. I like to think Haddie decided to dye that part of her hair blue

  13. For Dredge, I’m using BBQ&Chili, Lethal Pursuer, STBFL or Sloppy Butcher, and Surge. BBQ&Chili and Lethal Pursuer are kind of obvious, for STBFL I just want to hit Survivors faster. Or if I want, I could swap for Sloppy Butcher to stop heals. Surge is because Dredge can get around the map through lockers, so it’d be cool to have a perk like Surge

  14. He did start a poll on Youtube about remaking Volume 1, so…

  15. Not sure if people realize this but the star lasso experience was the first time Jupe wanted to show the audience Jean Jacket, the scene with JJ in the night catching a horse at Jupe’s place was a preview/practice

  16. Wait I’m confused just saw nope did i miss this? Edit this film was wild af

  17. The scene where OJ first sees Jean Jacket, he hears Jupe talking in the distance in his attraction when the lights and voice die out

  18. I wanna believe God doesn’t care if a man or woman wishes to marry someone of the same gender, it shouldn’t even be a sin

  19. I'd say it's a tough decision but I'm leaning toward empathizing with him. Killing his wife was absolutely atrocious and shit, but when you see Mary in the state of that disease, it looks so terminal. So in actuality, James didn't kill Mary because "she's become a bad person" as we heard in that hallway conversation, but I'd think James killed her because he wanted to put her out of her misery. While killing your loved one is terrible, it's also conflicting when the killer did it because he didn't want his wife to suffer any longer

  20. if this is your first time getting a heart lock, you'll have to do Cerberus a favor. By just petting him (which I've done cause he's a good boy). Pet him enough times and the heart will unlock. If you run into other characters that have their hearts locked, you'll need to do favors for them before ever giving them ambrosioa

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