1. Just your badass rank reset? And you’re on the same console same account I’m not sure why that’s happening but I believe on the handsome collection when you click into bl2 you can select codes or sometbing and you can basically log in but it does t sound like that’s your issue. Are you sure you just didn’t disable them? In game you can open up the bar menu and I believe square on ps and I think that’s B on Xbox will turn on and off ur bar

  2. the badass rank is not disabled, as i said in a reply above, it was previously around 45000 and 13% in each stat

  3. Damn yeah dude Ima be honest that’s brand new to me I’ve never heard of that happening before I would try gearbox on Twitter for ur best shot

  4. ... are you sure you're talking about the standard psycho midget enemy, which is almost entirely just a shorter psycho with a different set of voice lines and hardly any ai changes? Because that does not move noticably faster than standard psychos and certainly doesn't have any form of health boost either. They're small, sure, but nowhere close to what you're describing.

  5. He could be talking about a physco loot midget idk the chances of him seeing one on his first playthrough is

  6. Yeah no it’s called helping. I don’t care if they take my advice or not lol I’m still gonna give it because everyone should know how to get the most out of their products………. 🤡💀

  7. Yo op don’t worry about ur glass wit a metal nail if you got quality glass and a proper titanium nail you will have no issues I’ve had a rig and e nail I’ve taken 1100 degree dabs no issue can leave it on for an hour nothing. If ur rig breaks it’s cause it’s shit glass

  8. Idk who says you can’t dance man I try and dance sometimes and see ur videos and clearly see skill behind it. But hey it’s all just about having fun so keep on keeping on

  9. Man I’ve seen most of ur vids since I’ve been in this sub and I have to say this one was my personal fav😂😂

  10. Dynamic Forces Alternate Cover Punisher #1, the two copies on ebay sold were $76 CGC, $20 loose.

  11. This took me exactly 1 google search to find. Here you go.

  12. Thanks I found one post but it didn’t seem like they knew a lot all of my other ones popped up on comic sites except this one

  13. Damn dude that was some serious stacking I usually rip beakers but that makes me wan hit an in-line

  14. Not too hot at all if your goal is to get high you may have cooked a few of the terps away so the flavour isn’t all there but it’s either that or “waste it to taste it” I prefer not to waste my concentrates and my goal is to get high and your dabs look identical to mine

  15. Yeah I'm on the same page. This is also like 99% diamonds so not much taste I just want the most out of my material. Should I go a little colder or did I get all the thc even tho it was hot ish?

  16. I believe the cut off point of where you’re loosing thc is about 700 degrees Fahrenheit and imo it looked like you were right about at that point so unles you have a temp gauge maybe wait another 5-10 seconds before taking it. But I take hot ass dabs sometimes and get baked af so I don’t really worry

  17. Not sure what you want explained specifically so I can try and cover everything. Kief is the by product of using a grinder or a kief box basically all the little thc particles separate from the plant matter through some kind of sieve. It’s basically super potent fluffy weed. Abs the comments are talking about how if you look in his jar there’s still a lot of plant matter so most wouldn’t call that jar kief, it’ll get you fucked up but if op re sieves that it’ll probably be 1 and a half grams of kief

  18. Saying “they are hard workers” (fall victim myself time to time from past experience)

  19. For snapping big bowls it doesn’t have much to do with the bong you’re using really at all it does make it more pleasant for most with a slightly bigger bong but the biggest thing is your mentality everyone thinks they have no lung power because they don’t smoke when I’m reality you just sike urself out take a few big breaths before and go into the rip knowing you’ll snap it and just do it. Then make them bigger

  20. You referring to poppers or your father, if the later my condolences if the former coming from a recurring popper smoker… my condolences

  21. Yeah I’m talking about poppers my pops is alive and well thanks anyways though 😂 and yeah I don’t know if you ever get over poppers just get used to wanting them

  22. I believe you got it spot om thanks a lot man what gun shoots that round i assume you know by you knowing the bullet

  23. Looks like some kind of .22 WMR, I'm not sure if it has a ballistic tip or if that's just some paint, but it's definitely some kind of rimfire

  24. Thanks a lot yeah forsure a 22 WMR and yeah not sure if it’s ballistic tip or jusy painted I was able to find that those were the 2 options for tips

  25. Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking that you can find dope at the corner store? Or was it the “teller special”

  26. Yeah that would make more sense eh😂😂. Guess I’m just dumb

  27. These pieces are native to eastern Ontario? I’m from there so for me it’s just a cheap acrylic bong I thought everywhere had them

  28. Your throat shouldn’t hurt from smoking weed unless you’re smoking none stop and not giving yourself time to recover or ur weed is really harsh or moldy, moldy weed is awful to smoke and sometimes in recognizable to the untrained eye. Especially if it’s not majorly moldy it will just look like really nice weed with lots of trichomes

  29. I smoke every night and normally is just 2 hit from my bong that is not that big and the weed is the best you can get in my country so I think it is just me that I cannot handle it.

  30. Mhmm I’m not sure then I would just try what the other redditors said drink lots of water and if ur into tea I’ve heard that’s good for any type of sore throat

  31. Yeah I bought knockoutcity when it was free but from what I’m aware of you always needed ps plus to play so maybe ur ps plus ran out

  32. Man people really freak out over a little bit of dirty water😂. Idk why they think what’s in ur bong is dirty thats like 45 minutes after cleaning if you smoke a lot of weed especially if it’s a group of people

  33. Welllllll its not the dirtiest ive ever seen but especially in big groups you should be changing water quite frequently. You’d be surprised how quick nasty stuff can start to grow

  34. Oh I’ve seen some stuff grow I’ve been smoking for quite a while but as long as it isn’t stagnant for too long nothing can really grow obviously if you leave it for a month it’ll have mild but if you keep using it it’s fine for quite a long time

  35. Fat rips you could def be able to beat my record I ripped 3.5 over 12 bowls back to back just because I don’t have a bowl that big you should try it

  36. Things looks interesting is this a better way of smoking a lot or is it the same as just one giant bowl? I’ve smoked gram bowls before but never a tri bowl curious how it is

  37. Lol I haven't smoked since the clip. Rocked me hard.. I won't lie.. my kinda tolerance I need unfortunately. Worth the buy, for fun or for self medication.

  38. Good to know yeah I’m currently in the middle of trying to lower my tolerance so I don’t think I’ll buy one anytime soon one good bowl puts me on my ass now😂

  39. Damn tnat was sick I haven’t even attempted that before looks like it gets you crazy baked😂

  40. I have the same piece but it's the purple color. I find it a little harsh hbu

  41. It was harsh when I first bought it but I have a custom down stem with craxy air flow makes it so smooth

  42. This. This is what I like to see on my feed 💪🏻

  43. Thanks man I’ve always enjoyed watching and Ripping huge bowls

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