1. supernatural and inner realms are a reality and part of life.

  2. please learn to be an adult and dont discriminate against others religious freedoms and beliefes.

  3. You are also discriminating against my beliefs by excluding my belief in science and science alone, also I feel like the point of having your own religion is being loyal to it without showing any love to other religions, has this started wars? Yes, but being so loyal to your cultural beliefs is the whole point of religion, dedicating your life to it. If I am Christian then my religion is the only true religion and your religion is wrong, if I am atheist which I am then your religion is wrong and mine is right.

  4. Yeah I know he's a kickboxing champion but I don't see any of his video saying the he's fighting a wrestler or a grappler and that's my point, because from I truly I see some videos that Andrew Tate saying that wrestling is not effective when it is in some times in street fight.

  5. Yeah wrestling/grappling is definitely effective, it teaches you moves that can be used in combination with real life fighting techniques.

  6. I kinda agree but I don't like the fact that he disrespected some fighting style that involves with grappling and thing s that I love especially judo

  7. I am currently on my first year of wrestling, I’m not very good at it but it’s taught me a lot of great moves and the training is pretty intense, I can’t even imagine how hard Olympic wrestlers train. I agree that Tate is wrong about grappling being crap, maybe it’s just because the majority of his fights are against people his size?

  8. I thought those were just perk slots and then the 4th slot is for grandpas blood feeding icon

  9. Mr.Negative would be a visually interesting villain to see in live action

  10. Wouldn’t that just be an alternate take on Mysterio visuals?

  11. I think a freeze pistol is still pretty out there, maybe it’s like a bulkier freeze weapon like a fire hose attached to canisters on his back kinda like a Ghostbuster proton pack

  12. How does a virus become less effective after a number cap 😂

  13. Some viruses are need to adapt to their new hosts before becoming effective, I think it could have started off as a smaller weaker virus and adapted to a larger infection rate over time.

  14. Sure viruses adapt and evolve, and sure viruses can become more intense over a duration of time, but that doesn't show how the virus behaved early in any sense. If anything your point counters season 1 zombies.

  15. Why are you arguing with 2yr old comment, it was just small theory

  16. You come up with all this map ideas n forget its license game so the maps have to be part of world can't be made up ideas. Can we stop with every post being maps n killer ideas because none are goto happen. So your waste your time n filling this reddit with none game posts.

  17. The developers have said that they will include their own original ideas alongside some awesome scrapped stuff from Kim Kinkel who created the original cast of TCM characters, while they won’t include our ideas specifically it may or may not give them some inspiration.

  18. Maybe a new family member called “The Cremator” that uses fire in some way

  19. Maybe the doll maker could get a map, some creepy Victorian toy factory or something

  20. 4 different ways to escape, basement exit, driveway, backyard exit, and unknown 4th!

  21. it's one thing to joke, it's another to basically say you hate Jewish people

  22. No if it’s a friend you can go back and forth at each other, no one’s getting hurt as long as you are just joking and not yelling anti semantic stuff at strangers.

  23. You my good sir are a very good example of what I'm talking about thank you, that was very helpful for my point

  24. I didn’t imply anything offensive, but if you want to use that analogy to cut me off from making any argument then by all means, thanks for making me waste less time arguing with you.

  25. Thoroughly hate posts like this. Who are you to tell people what to do or how to feel? Go live your own life how you want, stop acting like a bafoon.

  26. Trust me that ain’t gonna stop people, maybe you should just do it for yourself if you’re suggesting other people do it. See you when the game releases 👋

  27. Well I was hoping you’d say “Well why should I do it if you won’t?” So I could reply with “Well just because I don’t want to stop doing drugs means you shouldn’t?” But good idea

  28. See I'm not really sure. They are both similar but nowhere in DC comics is it stated that The Presence invented everything, only that it made the DC multiverse. Whereas we know for a fact TOAA invented the Omniverse That's why I believe The Presence is a step below TOAA. They could be the same person though.

  29. Maybe The Presence is the son of TOAA in the way that Jesus is the son of god?

  30. No. Different publishers, they are in no way related to each other

  31. Thank you, can’t wait to see more of your ideas if you ever consider making more

  32. Even the best of armor cannot take many bullets from an AR-15.

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