1. Valve is privately owned and valued at 10 billion.

  2. The one that always bugs me is where Martin says in an early episode that he doesn’t have a brother, but then in the “Greek” episode, he totally has a brother.

  3. It's a family.thing. Frasier told the crowd at Cheers that his dad was dead.

  4. And the best thing is that even makes sense. Mordin can handle gun, but at the end is scientist and doctor.

  5. I instinctively chose him to escort the crew back on my first playthrough. He's a doctor and can help the wounded,but also he's ex STG and I figured his covert ops experience makes him a good choice for helping the crew get out unnoticed.

  6. Fallout 3 and Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere... 😂😂😂

  7. Took me a few runs to find out that you can actually kill all the harvesters when saving the Turian platoon. I thought they were all scripted to escape before death.

  8. Take Garrus and James who have been levelled up to max their assault rifle damage with the heaviest machine guns you can muster (might be too early for Typhoons, but Revenants will do the trick) and they will absolutely melt the harvesters. There is one that's scripted to fire on you from one position, then move to a second position and shoot you down a tunnel whilst you fight Reapers.

  9. Doesn’t killing one of them too early glitch the game or something? Like, you can’t progress ahead if you kill it too quickly?

  10. I didn't have an issue. Maybe someone managed to kill them even quicker 😃

  11. January is usually the slowest month for retail, so they must be doing an aggressive marketing campaign which targets people like us.

  12. Maybe so. It's good to see, I have long wondered why I never saw Gamestop ads. Now I'm seeing dozens.

  13. Bioware struggle with faces. In the original ME the characters all did a weird thing with their eyes at the end of a conversation. The NPC would stop talking then look the way they were going to exit just with their eyes, then walk away.

  14. The unstable serial killer might also kill your crew, at any time. Nobody on the Normandy would be safe.

  15. If we saw a 100% gain on today's price some of my shares would still be in the red😂😭

  16. Can you imagine a more traditional bank robber saying he needed to keep the money to pay for his lawyer?

  17. I had one of these, although technically my first graphics card was a Tseng Labs ET4000

  18. Come on lads... Unless I've missed it, you've all missed the obvious

  19. It's David de Gea last Friday night

  20. Well there's this mad conspiracy theories that the US and UK governments, most of their media and many other governments around the world are in the pockets of the mega wealthy and are actively working against the best interests of their citizens.

  21. I've just started my first game in years.

  22. Ironically given how so many fans dump on Andromeda, it did a much better job of making your gathering of allies feel like they counted in the endgame.

  23. Put the side panel on so you can't see it.

  24. It's shocking how this post hasn't enraged, or severely saddened readers. We're very accepting of the rubbish we must put up with.

  25. I'm sure it has enraged and saddened many, but going on about it here won't help the OP. There's a time and place.

  26. I love rallying around in the Mako.Always have.

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