Kraken CEO Calls Binance ‘Proof Of Reserves’ Pointless

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  1. Yo, They are preparing the property for the merger with SNDL. ROFL

  2. lol doesnt matter ADA/USD next to go and if it falls crypto is dead....mark my words...people laugh and point fingers but i have yet to be proven wrong. lets just be realisitic. BTC/USD is a penny stock....prove me wrong...

  3. There are many risks including validation power aggregation and government reluctance to crypto.

  4. Hey folks check this out. Looks like yesterday's missile that hit Poland might have been actually fired by Russia not Ukraine.

  5. I feel bad for them. They’re going back knowing they were first on the chopping block. Hope they make it past this recession and peace out to better jobs.

  6. https://twitter.com/wolski_jaros/status/1592575790390345729

  7. In a nutshell - he wrote "something" fell on Przewodów town.

  8. You welcome. Having hard time following chat in real time.

  9. Hi everyone, I know this is not related topic but I am dental hygiene student looking for adolescent patient 10-17 year old for freedom dental cleaning

  10. I am a bot. You submitted a picture of a banned ticker, CIK. The market cap of CIK is 185189300 This check will fire if you included unnecessary pictures that have bad keywords/phrases. Repost with the useless pictures omitted if you did that.

  11. CIK in this screenshot stands for Central Index Key. Not a ticker :4267:

  12. You’re a trash lead in my opinion. If my workplace encouraged competitiveness like this, I would just find another job. By the way you write your comment, you strike me as an individual who lacks empathy for others.

  13. Haha sorry I just saw your comment above where you said you were trolling. My bad for taking your comment so seriously lol

  14. You should file for a refund at your local brokerage :8882:

  15. Don't forget to post the loss porn, we love the rite of passage loss 🤭🤣

  16. So this means no matter what FED do stocks are gonna crush today? Right?

  17. What do you guys think about playing Zillow (Z) earnings?

  18. I'm thinking what is the impact of war in Ukraine für this. Isn't the US arms industry flooded with additional govt money that wouldn't be spent there otherwise?

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