1. He hasn't taken all the photos of buppa down from his insta. He's a basic bitch, that's the first thing they do after a break up. You're probably right

  2. He finally removed that his podcast is on thiccboy youtube off his instagram

  3. Not on mine, he used to have it written after buffest person on…

  4. They need to start building really tall residential buildings and fast. So sick of seeing the stubby little towers popping up like mushrooms. Go big or go home man.

  5. I mean, he could always just use the notwithstanding clause if he has the desire to save money on police and fire wages.

  6. Save money for who? When did he use the notwithstanding clause on nurses? He used it on educational support workers (not teachers). Im a member of opseu, theres 180k of us that were subject to bill 124. But ya the nurses were discriminated against cuz their predominantly women?

  7. He can’t go after municipal employees thats my point. Hes not their employer.

  8. All politicians shouldn’t be trusted, I agree with that part at least.

  9. The "all politicians bad" talking point is bullshit you should not be agreeing with.

  10. Not bad, just shouldn’t be totally trusted. Most are only out for their own self interest and are constantly found out to say 1 thing publicly and in private do the opposite. Or simply play to their base to get elected.

  11. Rose City Politics' Doug Sartori spoke about lack of investment in our infrastructure last week regarding the City of Windsor's IT systems.

  12. When clicking this link last night I also came across a podcast Renaldo did with you regarding this topic. From the way he described the whole situation leading up to the vote, this decision made alot of sense. Also there didn’t seem to be much pushback from you. Getting new buses, updating transit software, adding new routes etc seems like all good things.

  13. Those are all necessary improvements, certainly, but they aren't the priorities of the masterplan, which was already voted on unanimously and approved.

  14. What i found interesting was he mentioned the $190 million doesn’t include cost for electrification and said it would cost close to $400 million. There are so many numbers being thrown around.

  15. Oh i thought it was for anyone under a certain income? That’s disappointing

  16. Theres been 11 posts in the last 2 weeks not including yours, if you use the search function

  17. I just did a search for 'natural gas' and didn't see that many.. 2 from 19,21 days ago and then over a month. Nothing really as specific to what I pointed out. Anyway, glad people were already aware but I wasn't. After I got my bill today I was a bit surprised as it was much higher then I anticipated.

  18. Type in gas, then sort by new. Obviously some actual gas posts but all titles are either gas or enbridge

  19. What a great opportunity for students to gain experience advocating for themselves. It's an opportunity to reach out to a teacher and explain the situation and receive accomodations.

  20. This may be true but all the kids in class do not have all the same classes. The likelihood of 1 kid in a class putting his hand up to “advocate” is very slim and likely to fall on deaf ears. That being said aside from ISU time I don’t remember getting hours and hours of homework very often.

  21. This is such a disappointment.

  22. This was one of his election promises so it must be what the majority of ward 3 wants.

  23. The success rate of AA is statistically insignificant from going it alone. The success rates of the local programs you’ve mentioned is about that - but through a variety of measures they pad their stats. If you’d like to have an in depth conversation about the local programs you’re welcome to DM me.

  24. We need more centers like the one in Guelph. My sister went there and is doing great, they have so many activities and different types of therapy. But of course only those with money can really use it, its too bad Brentwood didn’t try this type if approach. My dad did brentwood 2 or 3x back in the early 90s and it didn’t work for him either.

  25. I ve lived in essex County my whole life. You really have to try to find a snake.

  26. Only times I have ever seen snakes was at the marina in Lasalle or Ojibway.

  27. “The grants are a big incentive, and it can help offset costs to the owner to try and get a project moving along,”

  28. They are not just created housing but jobs too. Its a tool to attract investors which has been around for many years.

  29. So my office is flexible with switching your days, only issue for me is that I have daycare on my in office days so switching isn't an option. I missed my last in office day cuz my kid was sick. All this pressure to make days up and not "take advantage" of flexibility means I usually feel pretty guilty or like I've done something wrong when I don't make up days, which is a little wild considering I'm an adult and always get my work done 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. So your child is at home when you work from home? I have seen people get warned about that, dunno if they were written up or not. But it got around fast.

  31. All the corporations just decided in sync to start price gouging eh? 25 years of not doing that... But now's the time... All at once.

  32. I don’t know about that figure but there was a report that Canadian billionaires increased their wealth by 51% during the pandemic.

  33. I mentioned to my son that at least he has an extra day to study. Nope. He's been playing Overwatch for the last two hours.

  34. But he was ready today! You cant get more ready mom!!

  35. Windsor has been doing this for a few years now because surgeries kept being cancelled at local hospital due to covid. The doctors opened up their own offsite center and are partnered with the hospital. This isn’t brand new.

  36. Also so many have gone downhill since covid cutting corners. Its not the same eating out anymore.

  37. Aren’t most RN’s hired as part time? Most nurses I know complain about this.

  38. They close at 8 now, but at least are still 7 days

  39. Go to Blue Mountain. Stay in the Village, go to the Scandinave Spa for a couples massage and the baths. Hit Sidelaunch if you're fans of beer. It's not cheap but it's a great getaway.

  40. Blue mountain was my first thought as well, Collingwood has some great restaurants too whether you want italian or a pub with live music.

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