1. "I am able to mind-read the actual motives of countless people on the Internet to tell what they really mean, which happens to be convenient for my beliefs."

  2. How does that prove it's "clearly" wrong? So they're saying it's okay to murder some college student just for being a smart ass???

  3. I think it's the same as the idiots who said the Uvalde shooting prooved "good guys with guns" won't work.

  4. lots of people conflate capitalism with any problem they might be facing, mostly because they don't understand what capitalism is. its the easy enemy. especially since, one having blamed capitalism, they don't have to assume any responsibility for their own problems. it, like all the other problems they percieve can only be overcome when the revolution destroys capitalism.

  5. Is that his dream job because it's the sort of thing that could be replaced by automation immediately, so he can have his precious UBI?

  6. The tankie is the second person. The first person didn't say anything about capitalism.

  7. I don't want to denigrate that type of work at all, but anyone who enjoys that must have pretty low intelligence, and should not have any say in how to organize an economy, beyond "I have self ownership and can own property."

  8. Blame the 1%, correctly point out that there's a lot of corruption among them and then... suggest planned economy as the solution

  9. When all you have is statism, the solution to every problem tastes like Kiwi shoe polish.

  10. Well yes, it is misinformation, since his statement wasn’t just that monkeypox is spread mostly by gay and bisexual men (which would’ve been correct), but that it is spread “during orgies and fetish festivals”, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.

  11. Both of those terms have clear and widely understood meanings. Fetish festivals are actual things, all over the world, often involving gay men, like

  12. Because he just used a flashy term that does not necessarily have any correlation to the topic, for the sake of using it (as you pointed out)

  13. No, I did not say or imply that at all. Those terms are both associated with lots of people having sex, including gay dudes. Monkeypox is, among other things, an STD.

  14. Because no one was insane enough to try "real capitalism".

  15. You don't even listen to yourself, do you? Just say whatever comes to mind to score a point, even if it doesn't make sense and actually makes your position look worse and doesn't actually respond to the criticism.

  16. It’s sad we have to debate these people because their ridiculous, disproven philosophy ruins so many lives and constantly threatens to ruin so many more.

  17. "The Federal government should have power over X, even when they use that power to do things I don't like!" - an idiot

  18. I mean… would it not be racist to say “fuck Asians”? What the fuck is up with these double standards

  19. They made up a new definition of racism that means minorities can't be racist against the majority.

  20. I think they're trying to equate the right's boycotts and public criticism to the left's harassment and doxxing.

  21. I like how you didn't even pretend to respond to what gundo actually said.

  22. I saw one idiot who said people deserve assault for wearing parody MAGA hats, because other people could mistake them for the real thing.

  23. An extra billion for healthcare won't go far. We already spend like 600 billion per year on it and its a giant fucking boondoggle.

  24. A billion is less than three bucks per American. That's worth, what, two minutes of a doctor's time?

  25. Really dope! And a more realistic design of a lasersword, with an entry and exit point, maintaining its "sharpness". Kinda looks like a cleaver, wich makes it awesomer imo

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/VaporwaveAesthetics/comments/ozxxue/walking_back_to_my_hotel_and_saw_this/

  27. I like how the point he's ostensibly responding to didn't even register with him. He just acts like private alternatives to government services are completely impossible.

  28. The problem is that you didn't wrap the pump in barbed wire after placing the sign on it.

  29. Someone would still hurt their hand trying to rip it off and then get mad at you.

  30. If only they were looking at each other. That would’ve perfected the illusion.

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