1. insert mw2 intervention sound with a million hitmarkers all over the screen

  2. does anyone have some sort of link to various map related RNG elements for PDTH and PD2? Long Guide is a tad outdated, and doesn't have everything.

  3. The SWAT van crashing into Wilson's has a chance to happen from the 2nd assault wave onwards. The regular SWAT vans with on the streets has a chance to happen on the 2-4 assault waves.

  4. They were boasters. There’s no authentic S+ dudes in single-player, only FOB.

  5. I could've sworn I extracted an S+ dude a while ago, I thought it was S++ that you can only get through rewards and online.

  6. Honestly, probably Missions 13 (Both variants, Armada and Alect Squadron) and End of Deception from Ace Combat X. ACX missiles do NOT fuck around, and the game will gladly throw more at you. And the enemy pilots are decently competent.

  7. X-35 is on display at the Udvar Hazey center or however it's spelled, it's to the right of the SR-71 blackbird

  8. Not even like 50 feet away from Gypsy 207, we just display a prototype 5th gen for the public.

  9. Lookin cool so far! Any links to keep up with this, or is it still very indev?

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