Ready for Round 2 with the DTCC now prepared to fight... FIGHT

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  1. I have the same thing I'm tryna figure out what it is

  2. Like the Russian airline industry needs any more help destroying itself...


  4. The higher realms experience ego death but we don't have that same privilege in these lower realms and as long as we're here killing ego is an impossibility. It's easy to lose your ego in the higher realms because in a realm of love and acceptance you feel so valued that there's no need to be selfish or prideful. But in the 3rd dimension ego is all we have for survival.

  5. I've dissolved my ego by societal standards. You don't see people being intimate with nature. Once you're intimate with nature that's as dissolved you can become. Nature is the bottom line but if you think you're better than it I believe the universe picks up on that....allowing your gut to lead you through life is what the gut is meant to do. There's more tissue in the gut than the brain!

  6. What if I'm Aries sun and moon

  7. The sound of water is the most grounding sound ever. Meditate to the sound of water trickling or go to a river or whatever is near you. You'll benefit the more you practice obviously

  8. Exactly, perfectly said. People think you have to sit for hours and have complete concentration, or focus or whatever. That's great if it works for you, never did for me. BUT laying in bed, allowing myself to drop all thought and just feel...FEEL the universe. It's blissful, i feel like i'm floating sometimes....like i'm expanding to feel the universe, i literally feel like i'm smiling the entire time (although i'm actually not, it just feels that way). Soul smile, source smile.

  9. All encompassing contentment 😌

  10. Wow that's deep n beautiful

  11. I feel as though there's infinite energy to tap into. This energy source will be vital in the future, I vital tool if you will. Everything in this world is so draining and an infinite source is infinitely powerful

  12. Well 50% of serotonin is produced in the small intestine so please make sure you're eating a good diet. Fruits veggies and greens all have natural probiotics that aid digestion. We shouldn't be eating industrial oils and processed sugars and they effect us

  13. That dude is related to the Bronfman fam - Founders of Seagram. Looks like Coca Cola has been infiltrated. I wonder why….

  14. New Jew faction dlc just released

  15. "In the BCG matrix of Coca-Cola, we can see that Coke is a potential dog product because of the declining demand for carbonated soft drinks in favor of increasing demand for healthier options or low-calorie drinks. If these factors keep increasing, Coke, a cash cow, can become a low market share product."

  16. Wtf I didn't know this matrix was a thing holy heck

  17. All shares are real shares. Do your CS shares have serial numbers?

  18. Well depends on your definition of real but either way broker liquidation exists brah

  19. Yes that’s why I feel safest with a big portion of my portfolio in a 9 trillion dollar broker

  20. What is “law of attraction”?

  21. I haven't read it but I think you should become so comfortable with yourself that people can't get enough of u

  22. I did that night. Not anymore. Don't speak at all and I met someone new a while back. All is well. Idk what she's up to and couldn't care less. She text me talking shit one day but that was the last I heard from her and I'm sure she won't reach out again cus I never responded to the last time

  23. Well the last time contacting her was her talking shit, that's pretty telling. Now you can live on free of it!

  24. Hell yeah. Life has been so good to me ever since. Wouldn't be where I'm at if this didn't happen. Now I'm in the gym and got a new job and already got a promotion. Met someone that isn't a shady liar who cheats lol. No complaints from me life is good

  25. Nice man. It's a good feeling when you realize life can be so so easier without that baggage. I'm happy for you 😃😃

  26. it's wild how many folks misquote Robinhood's ticker. It's HOOD. RH is a totally unrelated company

  27. Probably part of their plan. RH has more money in it to siphon out. Slurrrpp

  28. My 10+ year old cat who I named Karma is definitely tuned in. Not in any strange way I'm aware of, but in how she picks up on my mood and provides comfort when needed. They are often a great example of someone who perpetually remains self-entertained. As long as she's free to do what she wants, she's good. If we try to cage her, she freaks the hell out. Like, heart attack levels.

  29. Becoming intimate with nature has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever pursued

  30. I know it sounds so simple it’s stupid. But lemon juice is literally my favorite.

  31. That's why I like medical medium. It let's you redefine stupid

  32. It's possible that most of the brokers aren't sending gme to lit exchanges. It's like Burry said in the big short "it's likely we're living in a completely fraudulent system"

  33. This is wut LC was pontificating aboot on Twitter, community and wutnot. Cant Stop. Wont Stop. GameStop.

  34. Aboot! I'm Canadian 🇨🇦☺️❤️ On behalf of canadiapes ❤️

  35. Awe hell yeah man you too, I love you ❤️

  36. I had something similar to what you’re describing for like the first year on MM! A few months ago it just stopped! I thought maybe it was all the cheetos I ate over the years caking up my intestines 🤣 whatever it is, I seem to have cleaned it out now

  37. I'm just happy you have it cleaned out ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  38. Perhaps the term originated from pharma but the theory applies to anything new we put into our body. The body always aims to achieve a state of homeostasis. When something new is introduced, it is disrupted and the body has to adapt. The Herxeimer reaction is just the body adapting thru various means.

  39. So, said differently, since he’s medicated for anxiety and depression the detox is exasperating these. Will this level off? He was in a pretty dark place yesterday so I advised him to stop. No medical doctor will be able to tell me if this is related I’m almost certain.

  40. The more he eats these healing foods the better he will get. Anthony says that even if you're taking medication it's so beneficial to make sure you're getting these healing foods into your body


  42. 🚨🚨🚨🚨WEEKEND FUD 🚨🚨🚨🚨?

  43. The DTCC preventing MOASS being spread as true when it's now false? Possibly.

  44. When the weekend rolls around I become sceptical, it doesn't hurt really...

  45. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭👌👌☺️

  46. Wanted cash, turns out I can rely on GameStop for more of that, so I buy. NFA

  47. He can be proud. But strategic. Still spread the word but be careful of those who want to short your stock

  48. "Wtf did we argue about?" Ugh that's so telling..... Good for you, it can get hard to gain control of yourself in situations like that

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