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  1. That doesn't take away that you are still being an asshole. Yes, Rebecca is a typically notable character, but that doesn't mean the cosplayer did any less effort to make the costume. It doesn't make the artists work less tiring. You are removing the time someone took to make something and slapping them in the face effectively. It is not low effort, despite it being a generic or easy choice to replicate.

  2. This isn’t directed at genuine fans of this community who want to show their hard work off here. The people we’re implementing this for are spam bots in all but humanity. They don’t interact with anyone on their post, they rarely mix up their content, and they only exist to promote someone’s OnlyFans or Flickr pages.

  3. Somewhat despicable way of showing it. I'm not a fan of onlyfans or self promoters. Reminds me of some nasty people I used to know. Moving away from that, I for one, want the mod team to look into things rather than just a brief lookover, an abuse of power, and to actually choose your words more carefully. Reddit has made quite the image for itself. I won't say all subreddits are same, but clearly I have enough reasons to know I can't always trust a mod team that promises good changes and doesn't actually act on them.

  4. This is us literally reacting to what the subreddit has asked us to do, and acting. If you want a mod team that goes through every single post then I suggest you join that modteam. While we are all volunteers I’m not forcing anyone to spend more time moderating then they’d like to.

  5. A decent deck should be able to output better than one power per energy. I like Sunspot because it takes advantage of the unused power that inevitably occurs, but it shouldn’t be winning lanes on its own unless it’s a lane you choose to ignore.

  6. I combine mine with a few mid-tier cards, or a few support cards where I play him more as a decoy. But that’s when I’m sitting behind the shield laughing the whole time at my strategic genius lol

  7. Yes actually it's never a problem to kill him , I was referring that it's a problem to use jaggernout to move other cards I wasn't talking about sunspot, I almost always kill him with killmonger after I take him out from armor with polaris , if I can't , meaning if oppo play a third card because maybe I don't have priority and he plays another 1 or 2.

  8. Thank you so much mate, that was incredibly insightful.

  9. This is a scam don’t buy any of the linked content here

  10. They’re not allowed either, but they get reported less

  11. Generally this question is low effort and removed but I’ve only seen it after a few hundred comments, so I’m going to leave this one up

  12. Curious, are you the only mod here? I only ever see you post.

  13. I’m the most active because I’m the lead, but we have a full team working behind the scenes.

  14. Much appreciated on all fronts! I'll keep it in mind going forward and ty so much

  15. Thank you for posting dope content

  16. yeh, spent the better half of this weekend working on this piece :v

  17. Awesome! I just wanted to make sure before I acted on it. We’re making an effort to get rid of the reposted art. This doesn’t break any rules and I love your work mate, you’re crazy talented

  18. That’s crazy to me! You shouldn’t be nervous at all because your work is top tier.

  19. WOW, such low effort. Where is Adam Smasher when ya need him.

  20. He’s on a luxury European cruise atm. You’ll have to settle for me removing it, instead of decimating them

  21. If you ever need anyone to talk to (not just OP but any of my brothers and sisters here) please DM me here on on discord Tabnam💚#0193

  22. Generally these types of posts indicate a bot trying to farm karma.

  23. Nah I was just gonna say, if you’re already in Pool 3, then this game is only going to get wilder with all the new interactions and cards you’ll unlock later.

  24. Oh fuck yeah! I have to say, hearing you all talk about it, makes me so excited. I’ve been playing non stop to get there. I wouldn’t call it grinding tho, because I’m having a fucking blast!

  25. Not really anime, more like americanized Final Fantasy style.

  26. I’m a basic bitch, it’s hard for me to see the difference. That’s interesting though, what characteristics does Americanised anime have?

  27. I’m playing the FF7 remake atm, so I thought about Cloud immediately. I wish Cloud’s sword was as cool as this one though

  28. Bots or not. Don‘t forget this is a marvel game. I hope you can imagine how many kids are playing this game. My nephew is like 6, cant even read and downloaded it because „theres iron man“. He just bonks random cards on random places and has fun.

  29. Good for him, as long as he’s having fun that’s all that matters from his perspective. And I’m getting an easy 8 points which is all that matters from mine lol

  30. I'd rather be against bots sometimes. They ain't gonna be toxic when they scored a win against you

  31. How can you be toxic in this game beyond spamming ”I don’t believe in you”?

  32. Her, Killmonger and Shang-Chi had given me shit for a few games, so I had to bring onboard an Armor.

  33. Good to see you picked the right life path

  34. The card I want to replace most is Dr Strange

  35. Angela is almost never a bad option in most decks in pools 1 and 2, she can probably replace Strange

  36. I had her for awhile, but i found she needed to be drawn in the first half of the game to be effective. I’ve also found she can be a bit of a giveaway for your plans later. I was about to play a few rounds with Devil Dinosaur. I’ve had a few games where I’m holding onto a lot of cards. He would lock a point down by himself in those situations, where strange can’t.

  37. There are several ways to avoid his huge downside.

  38. Thank you so much mate. Do you know a website that lists all the meta decks

  39. Sorry I don't. But it would only make you agonize over cards you don't own yet. Snap is the best card game to put random crap together and making it work.

  40. That’s a really great point. I feel so out of the loop though. I’ve put together a reasonably solid deck which has me winning 80-90% of the time, but I constantly read the conversations here about meta and decks fully built around a couple of cards etc. and I feel wholly inadequate. I’m retooling my deck in between most encounters, but I think it’s to my detriment more then anything. I always want to improve on my last game, and a few times now I’ve improved it only to end up actually making it worse.

  41. This is definitely not low effort, I’ve never seen this before at all

  42. I appreciate your sarcasm it help the algorithm

  43. It’s not sarcasm, I’m being sincere

  44. I'm friends with the 2nd in command at Grunt Style and if you wanted the information I could give it to you for having custom shirts made (for this reddit specifically) I'm sure lots of us would be proud to claim this group on a cyberpunk t-shirt and I'm sure someone in here can make an original design. I think the order minimum is 50 shirts but you could take a vote and see how many people would want it.

  45. I appreciate that mate but it’s just not something the mod team want to get involved in

  46. Why do you keep posting pictures of your mate? Do you have a crush on him? It’s ok if you do

  47. That’s the fucking cutest thing dude

  48. Disregard the message saying this was removed OP, sent that by accident

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