To fry a Turkey

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  1. I'm getting a 55 gal soon and I already have a 10gal and a 20 gal. I plan on putting both of these tanks in the 55 gal. Right now I have 2 Cory's, 2 Molly's, 3 danios, 3 black tetras, and about a dozen guppies. That number of guppies will shrink as I plan on getting rid of the male ones. I know it's really poorly stocked but I really wanna fix this by getting all my fish the proper number of fish for them to school together. How many of each fish should I have in that 55 gal, or should I wait a couple months to buy something bigger? I'm not a fan of waiting as I'm always worried something mat happen in either tank and I'll loose more fish I love.

  2. I'd just keep going as you see fit and if someone brings it up I'd just treat it as no big deal

  3. My tank is unfortunately not properly stocked which definitely adds to its stress, but it's been a long time without any changes, idk what happened to lead to this

  4. I've thought of a bayonet, one thats about 3 ft long, and a shell saddle that wraps the barrel, but i know there's more I could do

  5. I remember hearing a very simplistic answer to that question in history class. My teacher told us that it was in part due to a lack of animals to help build things. In Africa and Europe you have oxen and cows. The closest thing that the north Americans had were Buffalo, and I understand why they never tried to domesticate them lol

  6. thank you very much, ive been just using delete on a macro

  7. And yet they mocked me for my gaming diaper

  8. Now show me darkness in light you coward.

  9. Every time I see one of these I just imagine someone did a bunch of random prompts into a AI Art generator.

  10. IT HAS NIPPLE CANNONS! I'm feeling very patriotic all of the sudden

  11. Honestly I agree with this. I find the line of reasoning where a little boy playing with Barbie dolls must be a little girl is really sexist. Why can't guys like Barbie dolls?

  12. Can we take a sec to discuss how trash barbie dolls are? They are such trash. I've gotten McDonald's toys with more range of motion than one of those

  13. How can I get my hands on one? I've wanted one for years

  14. I wanna be sure, is it a ban on owning them, or a ban on purchasing them? Both suck, but I wanna know all the details

  15. Not only this, but using a couple mg bullets is going to be considerably cheaper than wasting a whole shell on a single ruffian 15m away

  16. I'm fine with my taxes being used on that, so long as you record it lol

  17. But we did not. It took the second worst dictatorship in history to make us realize our shortcomings.

  18. Who was the first worst then?

  19. Thr CCP. But I should have said third, because soviet russia killed more people than the nazis.

  20. Well no shit we are. One of the few things I'm glad President biden did is reinstate the lend lease act. It made us money before ww2 while still supplying russia and britain, it makes sense to do so here aswell

  21. Had to spend my time on Facebook instead. Shit was rough

  22. Long before time had a name,

  23. Do. Not. Fry. A. Frozen. Turkey.

  24. If one of their accounts becomes banned, new ones never last very long. Never longer than a day. I learned this from....personal experience

  25. Damn, what a match, congrats T>4>6

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