1. I saw that 3-count thing for the first time watching one of the Royal Rumbles last night. I thought he was doing it as a joke or something against the Miz. It seems awful as a "finisher hype" cheer.

  2. I think he started that in the build-up to the 2020 Rumble to help his face turn.

  3. I feel like Triple H wanted to reunite DIY but Ciampia got hurt, so he's just kinda giving Gargano stuff to do in the meantime.

  4. I remember Gable & Ziggler did the same thing last year & it was the best 5 seconds of the whole 2022 Rumble.

  5. I love that Rhea & Liv got to be like HBK & Bulldog and be the pair to start and go the distance.

  6. Same. I was living in (misplaced) hope of a remaster as DLC, which could have made it an amazing epic to play through... But sadly was never to be.

  7. Man, what could've been. Just a remake of the first game in RDR2's engine would've been an amazing expansion.

  8. That Champion vs Champion match was so weird. Alexa was heel and was physically dominating Charlotte who's almost a full foot taller than her. And Alexa was never been booked as a powerhouse.

  9. I still remember that weird time where she beat someone with a right hand punch. I think it was Mickie.

  10. Just needs this to complete the scene.

  11. What does Rip Thomas have to do with anything, brother?

  12. Brock'll be coming out billed from Arlen. F-5 renamed to Pro-Pain.

  13. You think that's weird, check him out doing NJPW interviews.

  14. Where he brought the WWE Championship with him & called it a toy & a trinket.

  15. I'm still pissed about when they brought Kane in just to eliminate Dolph in the 2021 Rumble just so Dolph couldn't tie for most appearances.

  16. Oh, if Brock is in the match, don't do a musical number for your entrance.

  17. Now that you mention it, the blonde hair did seem to make a return at an opportune time.

  18. That's not what happened to Ziggler. He got a concussion and spent most of his reign unable to compete. By the time he came back, they had to do a double turn because Del Rio was getting over as a heel. But Ziggler's momentum was dead by that point.

  19. And they didn't really hang Kofi out to dry, I think he was either rarely beaten or unbeaten while he was champ until the Lesnar match. Any losses he suffered were usually Woods or E getting beat.

  20. He was so over for SO long it’s actually insane. His cash in and his sole survivor spot were some of the biggest pops from that era of wrestling.

  21. I know Seth & Becky took the nickname, but from like July-December of 2014, Dolph was the fucking man. Then they actively pissed it all away.

  22. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills everytime this gets brought up.

  23. Even said "Now you're eliminated" & WWE officials don't care who throws you out as long as you go over the top rope.

  24. If he does regularly appear on AEW television I'll be very interested to see how they use him. It might be a bit much to think about him being AEW champion (even just for a few months) and I'm not sure the TNT title would suit him but I'd love to see him win the tag titles in front of a huge crowd if they can find an appropriate and fitting partner for him.

  25. I've seen a couple people say have him & FTR go for the Trios belts. I wouldn't hate that.

  26. I like the lyrics, the vocals, and cool guitar solo with the wah effect. It's by no means one of their best songs, but that was a pretty lean album in terms of quality tunes. I like how the songs during this period were darker when NG was coming off the drugs

  27. Man, now I just wanna see like 2001-2002 Kurt with New Day.

  28. Sami and Jey Uso having the same vibe as Sojibro going from hating Joker to being his father figure

  29. I like to imagine Heyman leaving the editing room & crossing paths with Jey while he goes into it.

  30. Would have got an even bigger pop if he came out with “Rollin” or “You’re Gonna Pay” theme

  31. I definitely agree on the latter. I prefer Big Evil to the American Badass.

  32. I have an idea for a bard villain named the Hurdy Gurdy Man

  33. That's cool & all, but I'd rather see Damon Kemp.

  34. Kid me would be so happy there's an AJ figure without the lever in his back like in the old TNA ones. lol

  35. Didn't he hurl a weight at Bryan's head at one point? Dude was out for blood

  36. I love the fact he threw the weight & had this "Oh shit" face that the camera lingered on & then never came up again. I guess the bad luck was him losing. lol

  37. Kurt Angle in his debut. RVD at One Night Stand. Lesnar at SummerSlam. Edge cash-in.

  38. Shawn Michaels in the match on Raw in the UK that went almost an hour. Great Khali at Saturday Night's Main Event. Triple H at Night of Champions 2008 & on a 2009 Raw. Batista at Summerslam 2008. There's a good bit of choices.

  39. Didn't 2K15 do something similar to that with Cena? It was supposed to be like a super buffed up Cena or something like that.

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