Megathread: Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested Within Days

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  1. Twitter commentors make me wanna see Yu embarrass them all either way now

  2. Every time I click a Twitter link, the top comment is almost always some shit take from some angry keyboard warrior lol

  3. it's not even a top 3 star wars movie (I do enjoy it though)

  4. So MLB would both stream games on AND put them on cable? This is such a win-win. Fuck RSNs

  5. I just realized that that makes me a Separatist... well, they weren't all bad.

  6. This is also exactly what Leia supported after Return of the Jedi though. Well, maybe not exactly, but she was in the camp of reducing the new republics influence over the entire galaxy in favor of stronger local government

  7. And he plays for the Yankees of all teams, the most American named team there is smh

  8. Maybe Kamala Khan? And I like her quite a lot. These are all good characters so it's pretty hard to choose lol

  9. Superhero movie fatigue still isn't a thing 🤷‍♂️ Wakanda forever just made a fuck ton of money a couple months ago. Quantomania is performing almost exactly like the other ant man movies.

  10. It also has much, much more competition at the box office than previous years, as 2023 is a catchup year on a lot of covid holdovers. Probably the first marvel movie in years that doesn't have weeks to itself. Seriously though, check out the March movie release schedule. Every week is a new blockbuster! It definitely hurts any repeat viewing chances which is a big factor in a movies legs

  11. It's interesting but I think it's due to last season where his ear was right next to a blaster bolt.

  12. Yeah it definitely is, as during that scene he covers his ear and is obviously in pain

  13. The DR jerseys are still my favorite, but as a former San diego chargers fan I do love the Mexico look here

  14. The Ak Bars thought it would be an easy game, turns out it was a trap game

  15. I hope Yu is managing to get stretched out while being used as a reliever for some reason

  16. I hope so cause Darvish hasn’t been that sharp so far. Hopefully it’s Darvish one time through the order and then the bullpen.

  17. Darvish always struggles in the first inning. If he gets through that ok he starts mowing down people

  18. Haven’t watched baseball in years, is he not good?

  19. He is solid. Backend of the rotation type guy

  20. You watched the first hour and a half of the film right?

  21. People who use this "meme" template don't have functioning brains, so don't expect much

  22. If the back wasn't completely yellow I would like it a lot. A little yellow goes a long way

  23. they did the same thing in legends with the palpatine clones so I dislike hearing this argument over and over. other than that I agree

  24. The novel that brings back Palpatine as a clone is one of the most hated in legends. For the same exact reasons episode 9 is hated.

  25. How do guys get promoted to working commentary for major sporting events if they can't even talk coherently

  26. Are there people out there that legit are happy to listen to him and get pumped when he’s in the booth? Those people must be real lame.

  27. He always this....and then he ends his thought with something.....that doesn't complete the sentence he started properly.

  28. PSA to the 29 other teams. Your leads aren't safe.

  29. The Imperial Remnant are the main villains of the show. You didn't notice them in the first two seasons?

  30. Can't win with some people. If the imperial remnant just kinda showed up again all of a sudden people would complain it's out of nowhere. When they plant seeds and start to develop that the remnant is beginning to infiltrate the new republic, it's boring and unrelated. So many people just can't understand that just because what is being shown isn't the exact thing they were expecting it doesn't mean it isnt beneficial to the story and will be paid off later.

  31. For sure, but it's big on reddit right now lol. Especially the marvel subs. The newest ant man movie is performing nearly exactly like the other antman movies domestically, yet its a huge flop and symptomatic of the decline of the MCU? Nah, it's performing how an ant man movie performs.

  32. Yeah, the highs are great. It honestly is more true to “Star Wars” than most other things, with it’s rag-tag crew of rebels fighting the empire and the spiritual side of the force. I think if you’re especially a fan of the OT it’s a no brainer to check out Rebels.

  33. Kanan Jarrus is an S-Tier jedi and no one can change my mind. Love that dude

  34. I wonder if he is going to go down easy? Probably not considering he left the white house huffing and puffing. However, i really want to know if the SS would stand down so the orange turd can be handcuffed? Or would he order the SS to fight back?

  35. Is it sad that SS can have two different connotations in regards to Trump and his followers? Lol

  36. Guns are great equalizer for idiots. Don’t matter if they are illiterate hillbillies.

  37. Their ability to critically think and problem solve would be a huge issue though. Would be far easier to ambush or otherwise trap them

  38. I do my small part and downvote every one of those stupid ass posts

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