1. no game available...why is it IMPOSSIBLE to watch the browns IN OHIO!!!!!!!

  2. BETWEEN dayton and cincy..."Liberty" township

  3. we even got nfl+ with my wifes bunggles SEASON TICKETS she bought....still no game

  4. "offense, join us!" - nathan zagura (its my first day)

  5. I wish I could watch locally to hear Z on the call.

  6. I don’t know what “rate limit” means, but why do these right wingers keep acting like Hunter Biden being a crackhead is breaking news? We’ve known this for years.

  7. ...because we are at war because of him?

  8. We are not at war, Russia and Ukraine are. We’re giving billions of dollars to Ukraine because the only thing we can get any bipartisan support for is lining the pockets of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, but I assure you Eastern Europe is more than capable enough of getting into their own wars without help from the presidents crackhead son.

  9. No, it's not. The state intervening and forcing people to take something they don't want to is not "auto-correcting" that's called state intervention.

  10. if its not dangerous what are they worried about? they will have a great time, and ON BIG GOVS DIME! if they live we can "reimburse" them! dont worry, the tax PAYERS will b happy to cover it!

  11. Can’t be too stupid, he’s getting a free feed and living rent free right now..

  12. someone should tell the crack spider...

  13. some buccatini, olive oil, sea salt maybe some clams...because.....

  14. can i use this to work in blender? vr or hand rig manipulation?

  15. Never going to happen in any reasonable way while the GOP is in control of everything. If you want to be able to grow, you need to go vote in November.

  16. I see MAGA dipshits at the dispensary constantly. Who the FUCK do they think made it illegal?? And who the FUCK do they think made it so corrupt in this state???? Jesus fuck.


  18. its what you do best! and you dont do it very well

  19. ban medical TESTING of every type for employment

  20. Was the claim really that vaccines are “completely harmless?” Sure you can find some rando’s saying that, but no vaccine is presented as 100% effective or safe. Brett Weinstein is grifting

  21. can u force someone to take something that is NOT “completely harmless” ?

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