3. On the first day of Christmas MT gave to me, a request to spend more money!

  4. TRB4 says:

    Ah yes, the Super Nova variant

  5. TRB4 says:

    Visual bug, been answered before

  6. You can't believe it? So you're surprised then? They did promise to surprise you. Mission accomplished.

  7. I would be surprised if they're able to consistently lower the bar and continually disappoint fans. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the final surprise was the "reveal" of the calendar itself.

  8. I know, I feel like being a good player on Switch makes you a pro player on other platforms. When I play on Switch, I feel like Rock Lee training with his 10,000 lbs ankle weights. Then when I play on PS5 I feel super light and fast.

  9. I'll probably turn off crossplay so I won't be the only person in my lobbies suffering

  10. You'll be waiting a lot longer for shows to start

  11. This mad lad out here grinding so hard that he actually grinded time faster!

  12. Level 42, and I've done every single daily and weekly challenge and event so far. But I don't play much outside of challenges and events.

  13. You're missing 7 Daily Challenges and 2 Daily Specials, and YOU'RE complaining about being tired?

  14. You got the bottle of Jack and the sun in the eyes, but to be an accurate representation of my teammates, at least 1 arm should have a cast on it.

  15. Time to uninstall and reinstall. Luckily you won't lose any progress

  16. Where is the costume?!?!

  17. The two yellow pillars that border blue are not bouncy, the rest are afaik

  18. So then only two people can time out this level?

  19. Equip the swim emote, then equip a different emote in the same slot, then re-equip the swim emote again and it should stick

  20. I was able to assign my new emote by doing the following:

  21. What does that mean say I put the emote in slot one then put in 2 than put it back in slot 1?

  22. Say you want to put the wave emote on d-pad up. Put the wave emote on d-pad up, then put a different emote (any emote) on d-pad up, then put the wave emote on d-pad up again. You should now have wave on d-pad up.

  23. If you're on the PS5 you get the gift of not being able to play today due to the update not being deployed

  24. Ooh a bonus surprise!!!


  26. Would you like something for free every day? I couldn't even think of that many items I would want to get for free.

  27. I think most people were expecting free gifts every day

  28. Like what? How could there be that many free gifts? A bunch of different colored Santa outfits and kudos?

  29. Colors, patterns, faceplates, nameplates, emotes, nicknames, celebrations, uppers, lowers, kudos, full costumes, and show bucks

  30. Because the skill ceiling for SBMM is too low. BUT they're probably worried about fracturing the player pool even more by adding more tiers. We're already at the point where if you hit the limit of SBMM you constantly get 40/60 player shows.

  31. At least your a person with convictions

  32. I don't say this ever, but maybe you really should go touch some grass?

  33. Same with the Crow upper, I can never see the crown on his head

  34. Pretty sure I’ve seen a name tag that that says something like “I’m a grabber” or “grabber” too

  35. There is a "Power Grabber" nickname

  36. Not really, I figure the shop gives you a week of guaranteed availability for that item should you choose to buy it. But if for some reason you chose not to buy it or you didn't have enough kudos at the time and you did want it, then you would have to keep checking your daily shop everyday and hope that it appears there so that you can have a second chance at grabbing it.

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