1. Iron Arnie after 3 months in the balkans (for who play wot :D)

  2. Everytime someone brings the WT in the subject of discussion and how famous it was i feel like Dreadnought from Sabaton:

  3. not really get why they made a single and just added old songs to it, but hey I quite like the new song

  4. Not really, if you watch the sabaton history of Fritz Haber, Pär mentions that there will be 3 songs. One of them its this, Father, as a presequel for Attack of the Dead Men (cuz Father [Fritz Haber] invented the mustard gas used at fort Osowiec) and then by adding The Red Baron it can be theorised that there can be a song about the inventors of the aircraft (Writh brother or Aurel Vlaicu, and maybe Henri Coandă but on very very less percentege cuz he was the one who invented the jet engines). There are many things that can be theoriesed that can be shown by sabaton. Buuuut Pär says the ww1 milking that Sabaton does has many many things to make songs about, and these three song would be in The War to end all Wars as Pär says, so these are for completing the album, but in the same time presequels for other songs shown in Great War.

  5. M42, Cold war (Vietnam war to be more precise)

  6. Well Merkava's turret is in the rear part of tank and the engine is in the front.. you can't make a entry/exit hatch through a turbine like on Abrams

  7. I had the same vibe when they were at Arenele Romane, Bucharest Romania :DDDD

  8. Ieri am terminat de citit toata seria de carti Metro, si acuma vreau sa ma apuc de Tragatori si Mistificatori si Fake News in epoca de Aur

  9. From what series or movie is this.. i need to watch it =)))

  10. I've heard of it but didn't know it has this kinda graphic quality.. i guess i know what to do tonight

  11. Bine ca nu esti la Cluj măica ca nu rezisti :))

  12. Iti poti schimba firma intr-un PFA si nu cred ca te-ar putea afecta noua lega fiscala.

  13. Toate au un pros si un cons :/

  14. Sincer, Bitdefender, am ramas surprins stiind ca ii cel mai bun antivirus din lume.

  15. Hear marshall Zukhov's and Stalin's order, Defend the motherland, MOSCOW SHALL NOT FALL, Stand and follow command, Our blood for homeland, Heed the motherlands call and brace for the storm, Moscow will never give in, There's no surrender, Force them into retreat and into defeat

  16. Imi poate explica cineva de ce Memorandumul de la 1892 ii pus in cea mai adanca parte a iceberg-ului?

  17. Iti explic eu (OP basically) - nu am avut altundeva sa il pun.

  18. I have Talvisota, the "Death or Glory! Rise nations pride..." part, for alarm

  19. "Death or Glory, rise nations pride.." this is how i wake up every morning

  20. Talvisota, that part "Death of Glory! RISE NATIONS PRIDE, HOLD WHATS YOUR, STRIKE'EM WHERE IT HURTS" i think it gives you best motivation for waking up

  21. Powermetal, Sabaton mai precis

  22. Wait, In The Name Of God isn't about terrorism, as its says on their site? So that means this song should be after Panzer Batallion i think

  23. The Last Stand gives to best hype for PR bench press and deadlift in all songs, so THE LAST STAND ALL THE WAY

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