1. Congrats! Thing is sick. Love the red moon marker combo with tango red! Enjoy one of the best daily drivers you can buy for under 75k

  2. Stocks are going up because they’re not going down. In the least regarded way possible that’s the truth lmao as soon as the inevitable slide happens we r fuk’d

  3. The MP5 has barely any recoil on pc

  4. Can attest. Was shit on controller, switched to PC and fell in love with the mp5 and m13. Absolute fucking lasers

  5. Wow. That looks almost blue. I don't know that I've seen that colour in person before. Or is it just the photos showing the blue tint?

  6. Just the photos but yeah glacier does have a good bit of depth to it. I actually had the same exact spec on my S5, this makes me miss it lol. Photos really don’t do justice

  7. Ok thats bad, you all made fun of the a5 with a wing but this.....this is cringe worthy.

  8. That wasn’t even that bad either, all things considered. Just because it doesn’t align with people’s vision of what an Audi should look like (which, to be fair, none of us have the right to say considering zero people in this sub founded audi) it got hate.

  9. That A4 doesn’t even make me cringe because it’s just so over the top silly that it’s just entertaining and funny to me now

  10. Yeah it was always funny to me but it’s definitely still cringeworthy lol

  11. 6 defender poppy carry. Most fun shit I’ve ever done. 3* poppy with titans bramble +1 just one shots back line units😂 even better with the one poppy augment that gives armor

  12. It’s not that bad. Not a fan of the protruding exhaust tips and the wing is a little far back for me but it doesn’t look horrible IMO. I’ve seen way worse

  13. It’s great looking, but it’s hard not to miss its likeness to the Taycan on which it’s based.

  14. Looks nothing like a taycan to me tbh. Looks like the Genesis G…80? 90? Idk I forget which but I think the 80

  15. You think the e-tron GT looks nothing like the Porsche Taycan, but instead looks a lot like a giant Korean Luxury Barge?

  16. Wait i missed the first comment somehow when I responded it looked like you were the top comment in the thread LMAO nah the etron GT looks nothing like the Genesis G80

  17. Sadly. This is the reason why I got a B9 vs. B9.5.

  18. Yeah. Wish they’d gone the BMW route and kept both

  19. Your eyebrows are literally perfect

  20. No worries bruh it had to be said. Almost worthy of bringing back “on fleek”😂

  21. Happy birthday! Your eye shadow matches this bottle of svedka I bought one time I think it was like mango passionfruit or something

  22. This pissed me off ngl I hated elise

  23. I live near downtown Raleigh and was thinking the same but I don’t think my wife would approve of that 😅 living this close to dangerous spots of southeast Raleigh for so long it has made me numb to the bullshit. Plus I’m from Nova DC area so I’ve seen way worse.

  24. Morrisville native checking in from nova lol. Interesting to see someone who went the opposite way

  25. I doubt the GMU subreddit is an extremely accurate representation of GMU students.

  26. Not just like twitter. Like any social media lol.

  27. Yeah as a kid who was “raised right” a lot of the time it is SHOCKING to me when I see other people my age (22) and how they treat their parents and other people. Also young kids who I teach piano too. It’s sad to see

  28. I was always bad about getting stuff done on time but post COVID became unmanageable. I’m taking a year long break from school to reset my brain and see if I can get an ADHD diagnosis done. I would get a month into the semester doing fantastic and suddenly I couldn’t get anything done, couldn’t stay focused, lost my drive to work and to write down assignments and plan, and just generally fell apart. For me, one more shit semester and I would have failed classes enough times to be booted from my major so I decided I needed a break to figure my shit out.

  29. Well idk what block is but selling tesla at 200 was smart. If its that sq she owns the last article about it wasnt to good. Its the same thing the banks do. They keep selling one loser for another loser. Eventually it either pays off or your left with all one big super loser thats actually a loser. But teslas gonna fall.

  30. I agree that Tesla will fall but not substantially (barring a major recession) for the next two years at least. They sell convenience and America LOVES convenience.

  31. Q1 deliveries will be interesting to see. Over the pond seeing more and more of them around. It’s massively expanding

  32. Yeah true…but tbf solid power and quantum scape have already sent prototypes for their solid state batteries to BMW and VW respectively. Even without solid state tech disrupting everything, other legacy manufacturers are starting to catch up on range and the cars themselves are a much nicer place to be than a tesla, and a lot more traditional in terms of design which makes them a lot more usable as well. Plus, in the US at least, tesla is starting to make superchargers available to non-teslas so they’re losing out on the convenience factor as well. Lucid now has a flagship Air mode that’s faster than the model S plaid. Unless Tesla ups their build/material quality, I don’t see any reason for people to keep buying them like 2 years from now. For the next year at least I think they’ll keep goin strong though

  33. Literally me (I’ll have six months worth of conversations in my head and decide it wouldn’t work out without saying a thing)

  34. Hm. Feel like these wheels belong on an older BMW or on a Mercedes but I don’t hate em. Always love a nice TT!

  35. I love coupes but four doors are amazing. Great storage with the rear seats down and it’s always nice to be able to drive people around

  36. I believe the only thing you buy that you hold for twenty years is this big ones that everyone buys.

  37. That, or a company that is innovating in a new space- but that’s never a concrete money maker and not what OP is looking for I think.

  38. Amazon is going absolutely nowhere.

  39. Sentinels signs their second roster with Yay FNS crashies Victor Marved

  40. Seems like that roster would do pretty well. I have a good feeling

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