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  1. I would bury my face between your thighs and stay down there for hours.

  2. Fuck it make it all nice and messy then eat it like it's my last meal.

  3. Will you put that Irish pussy on my face please.

  4. You bet your phat ass I would. I would love for you to sit on my face.

  5. Please sit on my face for an hour that's all

  6. Are you kidding this Italian guy does. I have a bucket list I'm trying to check off

  7. Can I put my face under there and Hou sit on my face for about an hour or so.

  8. I'm down to cuddle and ask if you would sit on my face.

  9. Yeah I want to bury my face in there for hours

  10. Can I ask what's so appealing about what your doing.

  11. Damn I'd love to bury my face in all of that sexy goodness

  12. Can I bury my face in between your butt cheeks please

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