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  1. I think that makes it a better game… you least expect it then BAM! Slugbug

  2. Hell I thought they changed the prices before I read the comments.

  3. Take that functional fitness people… see hammer curls are a functional movement.

  4. If you have a spire 4 the cs2 does some sort of sync up to it. I don't think the geo does it.

  5. I totally get that. I just don’t see the point in putting down that much for something I won’t use too much. It’s why I got an axe, but thinking of selling and getting an etha 3. Otherwise I have 2 wgp pumps, a 2k2 autococker, an automag, and an angel lcd. I love older guns for some reason but like to have at least 1 modern gun

  6. Meh for me I look at it like I already played those times in my life so I wanna play these times that are now. If that makes any since.

  7. I get that. It’s the nostalgia for me, these were the peak performance when I was in high school and that’s what I remember playing best with. Plus all the old expensive guns are stupid cheap now lmfao

  8. oh I get the want for that angel or cocker... those were the guns you drooled over but could never get back then.

  9. Oh man. Who didn’t have an ion. Couldn’t love mine enough. Was such a great entry level gun to speed ball

  10. so many good times with my Ion... I really feel those were the glory days of the sport.

  11. I have a feeling whatever’s coming is kinda already set in stone and no amount of feedback will change the coarse of events now.

  12. Springfield used to make a 1911a1 GI and they used to have a loaded version of it that had the upgraded trigger and different sight. It looked very very similar to the OP’s

  13. 235# (106KG)was my PR for one 1 rep... great work OP. I think thrusters are my favorite lift.

  14. The portal series is still in my top three games ever... I group them together as one.

  15. video cuts at the hard part. I wanna see her stand it back up.

  16. I ended up using a USB switch on the keyboard and mouse and just plugged the laptop and PC into the monitor input ports.

  17. Thanks. I will do a little reading to see if it could simplify my life.

  18. Okay so I gamed for 6 hours last night on the new setup... I played the MW2 beta and Tarkov. with my display set to 144hz the screen would go black every 20 mins or so. then I turned it down to 120hz in windows.. and had the same effect. Then I changed it on my display to 120hz and windows still recognized that 144 was available. Then it click that windows is seeing the KVM and the KVM is seeing what the monitors are, but it doesn't auto change you have to power cycle it to reestablish the connection at the monitors rate. So with everything in sync running 120hz I had no issues for the last 5 hours of my games.

  19. What a bitch… we’ve all seen the movies. He’s supposed to take off here a coat a let her walk on it.

  20. I have always heard you will die before hearing the shot from a sniper.

  21. And this ladies is reason number 2 of why to marry a gamer.

  22. They should have to pay for the rescue regardless. But to charge them for a crime for being stupid, really opens up a lot of other charges that could happen in many other areas and aspects of society.

  23. Scavs already have bad ammo and armor it's what they're supposed to have, and these is a thing called sptarkov that's basically sandbox tarkov

  24. I just purposed a way an offline mode could work and scale the game accordingly. Adding chad scavs in online mode isn’t what I said at all. And suggesting 3rd party software doesn’t help the real game.

  25. A key aspect about Tarkov isn't just surviving, it's time management. Since the game is specifically about your own personal goals or objectives, and those are malleable to a point, there's a specific question to lay out here which needs to be identified before progressing into the topic. The question is, "Why are you engaging targets without preparation, especially knowing that you're 'just a casual'?"

  26. I get what you are saying but you missed what I was saying. I was simply stating there is an imbalance in the current game and offered a idea of one way to offer more content along side the current game that is in place. Basically your answer was get good, and I wasn’t asking for advice.

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