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  1. Looks like something my friends would do to me lmao no facepalm here

  2. I want to commit die, this person prob should consider either something similar or turning themselves in

  3. Didn’t Hitler kill blacks along with jews

  4. Any link to his services… oh wait I need a girlfriend for that don’t i

  5. Uh… someone tell me why Uranium isn’t a problem to have sitting in your office? Am I stupid or is that a problem.

  6. I have uranite sitting in my closet, which is radioactive. So I’m sure it can’t be that much of an issue

  7. I am not a very big fan of the furries

  8. Personally most people in my school have shit music taste.

  9. So lame. I don't understand why they don't let people be mean online who cares.

  10. Bulling is a good thing, it prevents stupidity and bad opinions (based on majority). Honestly it brings the human race forward in a positive way

  11. Including me. Woke women aren’t for me man

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