1. Hey I got two packs of these! How’s the nose?

  2. Ohh can’t wait! Heavy feeder or easy rider?

  3. Was thinking about ordering again just to try and get those MWx4AM freebies. Have the WWxTD goin now. Solid cross for sure. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks dude, this strain is one of my favorite by far. The flavor and smell are amazing and it puts out so much weight.

  5. Id give a nice month to fatten up

  6. Looks good what do you think of it so far? What's the smell like?

  7. Seems to be a nice cross. Already has a little fade coming in. Very sweet right now

  8. Face melters it sounds like! Great job, enjoy em!!

  9. Nice! I cure for as long as I can but it usually gets smoked before a good 2 month cure or anything close to that lol I enjoy the fresh green taste sometimes

  10. Thanks! Yea always depends on my situation at the time lol. Lately been saving some of the lower sites to smoke on while the top ones get a nice cure.

  11. Enjoy! Congrats on that freebie

  12. Why screenshots of a picture? Any reason you can't just use the pictures directly?

  13. My camera kind of sucks on my phone but the video part works great so just screen grab from the vid.

  14. Such a good strain what does yours smell like before the jars?

  15. It really is. It has that dank rubbery smell. Im a big fan of it. Has that old school headies smell and taste ive been looking for.

  16. Definitely wanna give this a go now. Great job very impressive

  17. 2 plants. little over 4 ounces in soil

  18. Its a kushy koolaid. Hits my face after a few pulls then just keeps increasing to euphoric and nice body. Kind of bud you gotta remind urself to light it if scrolling on phone or watching something lol.

  19. nice! glad someone actually got to grow it, I popped 2 of these seeds, and both plants shriveled and died in the seedling stage. I also had a grow friend who did the same with the 3rd seed and his did the same. I know the genetics are fire, just wish my seedlings would have lived. I havent tried rocbud since then and switched to another breeder.

  20. Well damn sorry to hear that

  21. How long was the veg time? Was she stinky in flower. In looking for some less stinky strains.

  22. Prob 4 weeks or so. Na nothing crazy smell wise in the tent

  23. Prob little over an ounce. Was a freebie so only used a gallon bag in soil

  24. Thank you! And just between you an me, some spider mites may have caused me to chop a little early haha

  25. Haha lips are sealed. Enjoy!

  26. That pinkish red on some is awesome

  27. Looks great!. Got one goin myself. Stretched pretty nice and tons of sites. Solid cross.

  28. Looks awesome! How much per pack?

  29. 70, includes 14 total auto fem seeds (2 different varieties) plus the alebrije collectibles 💙🙏

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