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  1. He's actually 49. He got that Benjamin Button

  2. Tbh it prob shows you have ways to go. Should be motivation

  3. Transitions. Landing practice. We'd usually do an hour of it at the end of training sorties.

  4. How did you know it was a Russian missile? Both Ukraine and Russia have s-300s. Wait for the facts.

  5. It was a Russian made missile. See the pinned comment, this missile was from Ukraine

  6. Title should of said Russian made then. It's like if South Korea used a f-16 to bomb someone, would you say a US warplane did it?

  7. Def a helo shooting the ground.

  8. You're taking to someone who was in the usaf and operated an IR camera very similar for 6 years. I've tracked targets in the air and ground and can not explain the cold temperature of the go fast. I haven't seen a debuking video worth a grain of salt yet on that specific point.

  9. He incorrectly labels the slant range as range to the target instead of range to the surface of where the camera is pointing. Only way to get ranging information on an object above the surface on those cameras is to use a LRF (laser range finder) which would be displayed on the Metadata when being fired. Def not a balloon. Also his "debunking" of frevors encounter was laughable at best.

  10. There is no singular version of manpads. A single system is still called a MANPADS.

  11. Imagine buying doge since May kek

  12. Oh shit you're right! Those mice and cows are miuntate! It's all about the greater good. In fact, we should be funding free-range chickens and grass-fed beef! Think about the general public! They don't want to be vegan! We have to fund the better of two evils. I'm off to enjoy my grass fed steak. Vegan btw!

  13. So you are suggesting we should have killed and exploited all the cows impossible has saved and will save just because they tested on rats once as required by the government? Will you personally tell these cows they don't matter and must be killed because a company did a test once a few years ago?

  14. That's not what people are saying. If you keep eating imitation meat that is taste tested with real meat and funds the torture of mice then you're not vegan WHILE doing so ( or allowing yourself to do so). Nothing to do with your past.

  15. Ahh yes the gatekeeping circle jerker... You guys really need to step out of that echo chamber one in a while and get some fresh air.

  16. I do not think so, their writing style seems completely different. I believe it is _sridqc whose account was deleted for some reason.

  17. Srid deletes his own accounts periodically to hide his history.

  18. Pea milk by ripple. It’s fortified with B12. I usually drink about two glasses a day. A little expensive. Like $4 for a quart. But super worth it.

  19. Just giving some advice to be careful with only getting b12 from fortified foods. Derrek Simminet only gets his from fortified sources and he was on the very low side of normal.

  20. I get mine from this once or twice a week, and unsweetened soy milk, nooch...I just got my blood test back this morning and I'm actually too high 😅

  21. ... was just thinking this. Bold move to center an operation completely dependant on electricity to run to the state that just had people die over the grid failure. But hey, hindsight is 20 20.

  22. Storage Of Wealth, 4% from the transaction fees are distributed amongst holders.

  23. Can you show the math how you're getting $30 a day from distributions alone?

  24. It’s dependent on how many you hold and the price. I’m assuming he is doing the math for what he currently has, but it doesn’t translate the same to someone who has half

  25. Chest looking great man. Keep up the good work.

  26. Notice any effects from the bath tabs?

  27. Aww man I actually thought I might get a source for once.

  28. Soy is great on paper and everything but it has been proven to lower testosterone levels, that's not something most men want, so I'd go with pea protein and supplement in the aminos.

  29. Where has it been "proven" to lower testosterone levels? I hear this a lot but never receive a source when I ask for it.

  30. Where did you read that too much soya causes man boobs?

  31. Admittedly it was a friend who was skeptical about me going vegan, so I didn’t some research and still found conflicting reports so still unsure

  32. If you found a conflicting report, which report said soy gives you boobs?

  33. Why do people start sentence's with "I mean", particularly when no one was talking to them?

  34. "I mean" why does it bother you enough to care? "I mean" it seems like something that no one else in the world gives two shits about except you. "I mean" let's talk about VR and cool stuff rather than how people start sentences ya weirdo

  35. I was wondering why people do it. It doesn't make sense to me so I was trying to find out a reason. It's redundant like, I know what you mean because you just said it.

  36. So what opinion do you have on the Minnesota coronary Experiment? Do you know that the research into heart disease was funded solely to prove the correlation between high fat intake in the diet and heart disease, and the hypothesis could not be proven by Ancel keys? In fact, to support this hypothesis he only had observational studies on a few countries he handpicked. Absolutely biased "science" and to this day there is no interventional study to prove that high saturated fat and high LDL cause heart disease. Here's another interesting fact: cotton seed oil was introduced in 1911 in the diet. That's when heart disease started rising. I suggest you look into that before blindly believing that cholesterol somehow has anything to do with heart disease.

  37. No response to all of the research that was provided to you?

  38. Squirt your RSO into these and say goodbye to mess and bad taste.

  39. Listen, dogs are meant to eat meat. Look at their fuckin teeth for gods sake. Humans are capable of living without it, but dogs can’t. It’s inhumane to have a dog and make it suffer.

  40. 3rd longest living dog was vegan, even validated through the Guinness book of world records.

  41. People that like real hip hop and not this whiny shit kids are doing.

  42. Looks like Jester got so spooked by bailing out of Tomcats that he switched over to the USAF.

  43. Yeah that looks like an ACC patch.

  44. What was the purpose posting this?

  45. That reference is industry funded. Much like other studies positive for eggs.

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