This note left on my car

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

  1. I mean if the person is 300 lbs of muscle then maybe they could just pick the car up and move it?

  2. I would go for the 2009 personally. They were pretty limited, I think only 1959 were made (not sure if that is total or each colour)

  3. I like JJN but agree that was pretty rough. Maybe should have just kept it as an instrumental.

  4. I remember from years ago he said that he sometimes does and sometimes does not have the punch line planned in advance but even when he does sometimes the response he gets is unpredictable so he has to improvise

  5. If you arrive at the scene of an accident, don’t be a cunt and pull your camera out to film jt

  6. He’s a reporter, maybe people should stop feeding him info!

  7. I think he threatens them with “if you don’t leak me some info, I’ll grow my giant beard back”

  8. Not only that Mark Lanegan tried to save him... and Mark went through it all..

  9. Lol butchered that didn’t I? First time I remembered it was my cake day and with little time to go I had to get something out fast! Honestly I am not even sure what was autocorrected

  10. Happy cake day! I hit the 10 year mark yesterday too and I forgot to post something!

  11. I sure could go for a super bowl of M&M’S right about now. Maybe I’ll even buy some extra packs to share with my friends!

  12. It’s 55M for proximity chat and 25 meters for invites

  13. Most people bought houses years ago. Others inherited. Others have help from parents. Others are simply rich.

  14. I think you really gain an appreciation for John in playing RDR1. The way the two games blend together is masterful. Rdr1 shows John’s depth of character. He’s different from Arthur but he is a complex character in his own way.

  15. Why does it feel ominous? Like this combination of food makes me feel like I'm about to get mugged and then shanked in a back alley.

  16. Yeah like I feel some shadowy figure is going to emerge from a dark doorway and steal my shoes just so he can pee in them

  17. Ever hear of a merkin? It’s a pubic wig. Well there’s something called a ferskin. A ferskin is basically the same thing as a merkin. Only difference is that it’s a real human foreskin you wear like a wig on your knob.

  18. Yeah just used it and can say it’s better, but I think the fact that I’m focusing on getting my last gun makes me play like garbage

  19. Is this the same as the “Lazarus” 59 model or is that a separate model? Looks awesome

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