1. 1500 units, a very weird model of a very well liked company. I wouldn't be surprised if it went for 20 to 60 grands, depending on the buyer. The most expensive one sold on cars and bids was at 24k

  2. And this one... does not look like the most expensive anything.

  3. I saw one in Miami, I had no idea it was so limited still - bad picture if anyone cares haha

  4. Does it? I haven't noticed a difference, though lag hasn't been a big issue for me in general

  5. Absolutely in Sword and Shield, but I barely notice it in SV.

  6. Now that's one of the most vanilla-ass teams I've ever seent.

  7. Probably close to 0 miles and soon to be classic. How do I win?

  8. So you want to replumb the entirety of an original LS1? I mean, the documentation is out there, but do ya want to?

  9. How the fuck did NVIDIA promote this shit seriously

  10. goddamn do I miss downloading games split into 28 parts spread across some random FTP servers.

  11. The first actual huge game I torrented came like this and BOY, was it a learning experience.

  12. Spoken like someone who wouldn’t let a guest go to the toilet while visiting their house

  13. Those people don't care. Their uncle-daddy hated Ford so they hate Ford too.

  14. Where did you order this from? I just want to know what kind of place has an 18 month lead time on - not a car lol

  15. Pokémon Emerald leading in to Diamond and Pearl. I was 9 and 10 years old when this was happening. It was a magical time.

  16. There’s a remake/port (not sure which it is) on Xbox game pass for anyone that has that and didn’t know.

  17. It's on Xbox as part of GamePass and has been added to Rare Replay for anyone without GamePass. For Switch, it has been added to NSO N64.

  18. Yyyeahhh, I'm sure this will be used for that. Totes.

  19. I mean, I don't. It's the rest of you morons. I've been doing my part for the better part of a decade.

  20. And just like 1/5 males born in Chicago between 1990 and 1998, well, yeah. Username checks out.

  21. And Sony has the balls to complain about Microsoft lmao

  22. My solution to this is to play Colosseum right now. Purify all of the everything.

  23. When would this have been shown? First thing in my mind is maybe The Roast?

  24. Fuck the Astros and fuck Cora too. And fuuuuck yoouuu for simping for them both.

  25. Keep doing what I've been doing, except without the added stress of having to manage recharge times for the real thing.

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