Tomorrow marks 4 years of RDR2. Still no PS5 60fps patch.

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  1. I think it's wild that people even want new content when core systems just suck.

  2. This is part of the reason that I love RDR2 online. They have to fit within the cowboy era, so 99% of this shit is impossible and they actually gotta innovate. Too bad they just don’t give a fuck

  3. If you really care that much, carry a small binder with the expensive cards in in for proof you own, and then play with double sleeve s30 proxies mixed in. Or, play an entire deck of proxies so you don’t damage your cards

  4. I would kill for a remake of RDR1 made with the RDR2 engine.

  5. RDR1 remake with modern features, RDR1 Undead Nightmare remake with modern features + RDR2 Undead nightmare, 60fps 4k patch and they have a $120 game for most people.

  6. You know, at this point I'm not sure I even want a world where everyone feels like they belong. It was a nice sounding ideal for a while. Then MTG and the Qaucus came along and I'm not sure that her "belonging" is a good thing.

  7. What does magic the gathering have to do with this?

  8. Having a friend who knows your deck and vice versa isn’t cheating, just kinda scumming depending on your stance.

  9. Bro I’ve done almost 100 woods raids this wipe and haven’t seen shturman 1 time. I literally used to farm him and now he’s unfindable

  10. I mean yeh. I have this debate with friends constantly, even those that live in apartment-style condos.

  11. I would unironically love to fill my walls with tin foil or some kinda of metal to see if I could block out the neighbors Wi-Fi well, and then put a very low power cell repeater on the balcony to the living room.

  12. I'm now over 6 Fence karma and once I hit it I expected some amazing stuff and to be honest I don't see much difference between let's say 4 and 6 karma. That being said I spawned with labs keycard/other valuable stuff many times (I would say for keycard it's like one every 10 raids on average). What mattered to me most anyways was getting a lot of space with good rigs/backpacks and I think karma actually helps with that immensely.

  13. I consistently get smaller rigs than my friend with - rep. I can’t remember the last time I got something larger than a scav vest or security rig. Also, what’s the strategy for your rapid scav rep?

  14. No. It's completely random regardless of karma. What isnt random is the likelihood of spawning with more and better items in your bag.

  15. Which is still far less than my friends with negative karma

  16. 1 would be cool for coding, 2 could be useful if you don’t mind looking up. 3 seems pointless just because I doubt there is anything I would need to see that volume of vertical information on as a secondary screen, and 4 is how 99% of people with two monitors that game do it

  17. I've always thought it was super strange to see the differences between 343 and The Coalition, both studios created by Microsoft to manage franchises whose creators had moved past. 343 has made games that vary from "medium," to "disaster" (I'm including XBone MCC in this, which seemed like a neverending series of faceplants). By contrast, The Coaltion released a safe-but-solid game in the vein of The Force Awakens (Gears of War 4), followed by one of the boldest games in the franchise (Gears 5), and also helped with a spinoff so good that its influenced later games in its genre (Gears Tactics; WH40K Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is basically XCOM Enemy Unknown's strategic phase bolted to Gears Tactics' take on tactical combat).

  18. Original Bungie exes were people that actually played and enjoyed games.

  19. Honestly, as a diehard Halo fan, it’s kinda time for the series to die.

  20. Tbh you can still run bdo on a potato laptop and still get decent fps also still have it look aight

  21. I don’t even know why we’re in this position.

  22. Capenna, because that is where halo originates. The elixir that can not only harm Phyrexians but also provide protection against and cure phyresis

  23. Lore wise even the strongest phyrexians aren’t comparable to literal gods, especially if like 8 of them want to work together.

  24. One of these guys could run a successful election campaign using this commercial

  25. They didn’t mention guns and abortion 5 times so they’d lose faster than you can say “a fetus has the right to own an ar15”

  26. whats the clocks on your 2700x, cause it seems cpu bottlenecked for sure, at lease online mode.

  27. 4.1 GHz with hyperthreading forced off with process lasso

  28. That's some good fps dude, and ya, I suppose having 8 Physical cores helps a ton.

  29. Try forcing hyperthreading off with process lasso. Didn’t help at all on woods, but boosted my fps by like 30 on streets

  30. Bungie made Halo, a Microsoft product, and Destiny, which is basically MMO Halo CoD. Modern Bungie isn’t even that significant.

  31. I'm going to preface this by saying I don't know what a "fair" price for video games is. But...

  32. They’re record profits because they’re either a tiny indie game with digital only distribution that spikes in popularity cause of some random twitch streamer/YouTuber, or they’re pumping it so fucking full of micro transactions that the gameplay suffers. That’s why they’re making profits.

  33. That’s kinda the attitude though, not raising a boy well turns into someone else’s problem. Not raising a girl well turns into your problem.

  34. My rule is that you can betray someone (verbal or not) in the first 10 seconds of interaction. If I go “yea I’m friendly” and then they peak the corner and I immediately shoot them, that’s not them sussing it out enough. If I start chatting and throwing shit on the ground I ain’t gonna turn on them at any point.

  35. Meanwhile, speculators are embarking on their 7 day long burnout rants about how WotC is "killing mAGIC WIth AlL the rePrints!"

  36. IMO the upper end of “regular” magic cards (regular art, no foil) should be 400$. That would still allow a lot of collecting value, but would make the game a lot more “tradeable”.

  37. The thing that is so frustrating about the game is even if you die to someone who outgunned or outplayed you, you'll always wonder "was that even legit?" If the sus deaths start to outweigh or weigh heavily over the actual real gunfight people are gonna stop coming back. I think this weekend it was clear that's the case, maps were dead... barely 2-3 weeks into wipe.

  38. I have never and will never cheat, but every time I get a sick one tap while pushing a corner my first thought is "that dude totally accused me of cheating just now"

  39. Honestly everyone is freaking out about this but it looks not very great. 7 mana is a huge curve, and the whole idea of compleated is that it gets less value to more you use the health payment. Playing her for 5 is kinda bad compared to other green planeswalker options.

  40. It is really hard to make money as an Uber Eats driver. No tipping and gas. And you literally have to file taxes as a privately owned business.

  41. Tipping delivery drivers before you get the delivery is Highway robbery, and the fees that they charge that don’t go to you but still increase year after year is also robbery. The whole thing is a giant pyramid scheme built on the backs of people that are willing to “work without a boss”. As someone who has driven for damn near all of these services and order from all of them, it’s literally a gigantic fucking scam

  42. Local non chain delivery. In store delivery that hires their own drivers. And getting it yourself. Uber eats and all the copies have very little recourse for errors and bad faith actors on all sides. From restaurants, ghost kitchens, delivery drivers, and customers. So much can go wrong and does go wrong and absolutely nothing is done about it.

  43. If I want to get a pizza delivered to my house in small town America, there literally is no alternative. There isn’t a single pizza place (out of like 12) that still hires delivery drivers. They all use Postmates, DoorDash, or Ubereats. Hell, even little ceasers when you order online just hires a door dash behind the scenes.

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