1. They are 100% fake. You can buy them from their website for 10-20$ in bulk. These carts are just as bad as dank vapes

  2. if its done right hell yea im with you theres a legal brand in oregon called echo that does very very well exucuted shatter. terps for days. and thats a normal pick up when i do go to a dispo i think its 24 a G otd. but between that and live budder and live rosin. are also normal pick ups. myhe people shit on it because they havent had well done shatter.

  3. Wow 24g for shatter seems taxed. Is that for rec or medical?

  4. Michigan prices range 7-15$ a g for shatter in stores. Deals be crazy some times. 15 1g vapes for 90-100$

  5. Deli Style at KOB. They got some Prepacked at $33/eighth and deli at 35. Need a med card for there though. Can get good deals on LG at jars and Puff as well sometimes though which are rec. Think a couple other places may carry them as well.

  6. Go to Kob n Monroe. I go there because it’s closer than Kob Detroit. They are rec/medical. Got me a local grove deli oz for under 130$

  7. There is no "best," there is "best for you," and even then it's highly subjective. We need more information about your credit profile and spending habits to give a recommendation.

  8. 760+ score. Travel couple times a year, eat out pretty regularly. Spend maybe 20-25k a year on credit spending

  9. Even then this is very vague. You need to find out if you want a good cash back card, or a travel card - if then do you want a travel card with good perks or do you want something with good point redemption plan - if so, then you want to find out how you want to redeem those points, via hotel transfer partners or airline transfer partners, then you need to find out which card has the airline or hotel transfer partner you want.

  10. That’s a good explanation, thank you. I have post saved and other videos to watch after work today.

  11. Not for these prices. Go to Michigan and get rosin do to $25 a gram

  12. meh was only like 45$ with a deal and it’s the freshest rosin i’ve seen yet, packaged and manufactured less than a month ago

  13. If it looked anything like the pic they posted it looks pretty shitty imo. $45 for rosin is okay. I just really dislike the prices n the Ohio stores. I can drive to Michigan and with the cost n gas, tolls and bud I can still save major money on anything thc from the Michigan stores

  14. Hard to get addicted to? It's a form of methamphetamine. I know many people who are addicted to MDMA.

  15. Have you seen the make up of adderal it’s same as meth

  16. What would be a recommended headset for around same price? I was about to get the a50 but now I’m worried 😂

  17. Thchronichits this Wednesday 9pm est Pokémon tcg

  18. So how close are you and your brother/sister now

  19. I was asking because your post was incomprehensible lol..

  20. How so? I gave my whatnot name which is thchronichits. I told the time the show is which is 9pm eastern standard time. The packs are lost origin pack pull for 5$z the bounty active at 10$ and a wheel prize which is a pc pogo etb at 12$.

  21. Tonight 9pm est thchronichits I’ll be streaming on whatnot. Lost origin pack pull starting at 5$. Bounty active at 10$ pull full art,vmax,vstar,scr,alt, or rainbow win pogo tin(20$) at 12$ you get wheel spot for pogo pc etb (65$)

  22. Hoise of dank blows. And gage cookies aint shit cookies is using athena pro line and went way down hill. So botg tgose store blow now

  23. Cookies had a huge sale 10 vapes for 100$ and got the pre package 8th for 20-30$ ea reg 40-60ea.

  24. You are an idiot if you thought someone asked is it legal to have a medical cArd and. Drivers license 😂😂😂

  25. That wasn’t the point or question. The point was can we have a gun and a medical card.

  26. Just remember your suppose to drop a and than b on the same pile to create the test

  27. Cool, you wouldn’t believe how many people mess that up. Keep in mind mda should be dosed lower than mdma

  28. Mdma I usually do .1-.2. With this I’ll start out with .1 and work up

  29. Did you use something to pry it open? These are that hard to open hahh

  30. Did y’all know SpongeBobs best day ever episode is season 4 episode 20!

  31. Spongebob is a VERY dark show, but only if you’re a logical thinker. I’m happy they put that reference in there though.

  32. Bang his mom in front of his sleeping body, and show him the video

  33. This is the comment that should have much more then 11 likes

  34. I am always so surprised when I see people complaining about the prices on this sub. I understand this post in particular is sarcasm, and that product in Ohio is much more expensive than, say, Michigan. Where I buy, however, they have a sale on bulk flower/shake almost every other week. I got 28g of 18% shake for $90.00 🤷🏻‍♀️. Maybe the difference is how much I consume, or the fact that I don’t mind shake. Not sure, just always surprises me to see how much some of y’all pay. I buy from The Forest in Springfield, btw.

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