1. You were nitpicking. We were correcting you for being wrong

  2. You are an idiot if you thought someone asked is it legal to have a medical cArd and. Drivers license 😂😂😂

  3. Just remember your suppose to drop a and than b on the same pile to create the test

  4. Cool, you wouldn’t believe how many people mess that up. Keep in mind mda should be dosed lower than mdma

  5. Mdma I usually do .1-.2. With this I’ll start out with .1 and work up

  6. Did you use something to pry it open? These are that hard to open hahh

  7. Did y’all know SpongeBobs best day ever episode is season 4 episode 20!

  8. Spongebob is a VERY dark show, but only if you’re a logical thinker. I’m happy they put that reference in there though.

  9. This is the comment that should have much more then 11 likes

  10. I am always so surprised when I see people complaining about the prices on this sub. I understand this post in particular is sarcasm, and that product in Ohio is much more expensive than, say, Michigan. Where I buy, however, they have a sale on bulk flower/shake almost every other week. I got 28g of 18% shake for $90.00 🤷🏻‍♀️. Maybe the difference is how much I consume, or the fact that I don’t mind shake. Not sure, just always surprises me to see how much some of y’all pay. I buy from The Forest in Springfield, btw.

  11. Actually use to live in riverside but I also don't talk to many people so I don't have anyone to call up and honestly trust is hard to find because right before I got my card I tried the street crap and got nothing for 150 so I'd rather get 22 grams for 240

  12. It is hard to find trustful ppl. Just for my liking if I’m spending runs 250$ I want 1.5 oz. If we ever n same area I’ll smoke some of my bud with ya. Show yu it’s legit

  13. I bet klutch is better then anything you pilfer out there lol screw your ten dollar grams when you can get deals on klutch ain't no street weed that good in Ohio most weed on the streets be that brown frown Mexican brick weed have fun thc0 lmao

  14. The weed I get off the streets in Ohio comes from the west coast. Or I’ll even order directly from there. The bud I get makes klutch look like mids and I’m paying half the price. Who wants to pay 200$ and only get 14g. 200$ I better be getting 28g-35g

  15. Hey idiots the dispensaries don't make the laws.

  16. I have found that Michigan's products aren't very good. At least from my experience.

  17. I will say since the rec came in. Tons of new brands started up and their qc and passion isn’t there. There is select stores I only go to and certain farms I’ll smoke.

  18. We have another idiot that took shit and never tested it

  19. Well I told the judge that I won’t stand for his decision and retracted my plea deal and amended it to jury trial.

  20. May I ask what you did that you need a jury trial? I would get a better lawyer.

  21. .5 for 90$ Ohio is a joke. 90$ you getting 4g of wax In Michigan

  22. So Sorry ‘Snoop Dawg’ ! I bet Nothing gets you Medicated !

  23. You pay 35-45$ for mids 2.83. You don’t know good strains, terps,

  24. It was not Woodward quality trust me

  25. You’re right! It was better. Woodward has dropped in qc! It’s top tier mids.

  26. Not being sarcastic here, but if it's not against the rules, can you tell us what dispensary in Michigan?

  27. In Michigan I’ll go to cookies once in a blue moon.

  28. What state allows 10/10? 6/6 seems to be the most common.

  29. How Ohio has it written they will allow 6 total that’s seedlings, veg, flowering.

  30. If it’s set up that way you’re going to need to veg the plants a decent amount of time to produce enough flower for your head stash. Or be a straight up baller out the gate that understands crop steering and everything else about growing.

  31. Had a small 3 plant closet grow. Vegged the plants 6-9weeks and flower 6-10 weeks. Produced about 7oz a plant

  32. It’s crossing state lines with weed that’s the problem. You can’t bring Ohio to Michigan and back to Ohio.

  33. Just don’t drive like a dick and don’t have the car smelling like weed

  34. This is why i went back to the streets. Prices are hugely cheaper and the quality is 10x better

  35. Streets scare me anymore. Never know what ppl put in their stuff or exactly where it comes from, whose hands it's passed through, etc. Never had to worry about that back in the day, but now, ppl are spraying all kinds of crap on their plants. I have family who get tested monthly and get their flower off the street. So far he's been popped 3 times for 3 different opiates that he doesn't do. He stopped smoking and no more opiates. Wild. Don't get me wrong, if I'm desperate enough, I'll take what I can get, but only if it's my last resort. And yes, I know a lot of ppl think it's a myth that ppl are putting extra bs on their flower but it's happening so be safe out there fam.

  36. To break it down and spray the bud with more drugs would increase the cost of product.

  37. I’ve been getting Motor breath and Marshmallow OG now and it’s absolute fire. I love me some Animal Face but I’ll take my BM gas over 95% of the cultivators in Ohio.

  38. Same bro. This Ohio stores are a bust, It’s good for very limited items Imo

  39. I get 30 grams for 200 off black market in Ohio.

  40. That’s the going rate and ppl don’t believe it lol. I just got a qp of runtz off bm n Ohio for 350 and it looks better then Woodward runtz

  41. Most stuff you buy off the street won’t be above %15 but okay! Smoke your lawn clippings, I won’t stop you!

  42. You need a better dealer then. The stuff I find on the street blows any Ohio dispo product away.

  43. I can find half’s on the street for 70-100$ and it’s top shelf. Looks, taste and effect blows klutch or galenas away.

  44. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  45. Psa 6 Japanese raichu, ES, VV, celebrations, and a generations pack. Nothing insane but not too bad 😏 raichu’s about $30 and generations blastoise is like $45. We’ll see what we get in the packs haha but I’m keeping the generations sealed

  46. Open the bs it looks more loos on the wrapping and bent

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