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  • By - 0KrN0

  1. Every Tuesday night 3on3 goes under a scheduled maintenance. They don’t really make an effort to announce it so it’s understandable 👍

  2. Prec8 it Ian really knew about all the other stuff

  3. Oh I know exactly what the update is. They post it on their website and discord server. But if you don’t where to check, it’s hard to know there’s maintenance.

  4. 👧🏾🗣❤👦🏾/🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣

  5. Asking for a friend is a uncensored version?

  6. Desto, he talm bout how she had a song wit foolio nd was dissin leeke n it and she died recently

  7. "Jayrip got hit den tripped He ain't even make to puberty" Jus the way the nigga said puberty

  8. deadass was inna crib watchin spongebob onna couch

  9. hell nawl fam😭😭 bro jus had dmed that outta nowhere

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