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  1. We had the ball with 2 minutes left and the game tied and we didn’t execute.

  2. quite a few yards given up on that punt return too. plenty of blame to go around.

  3. Most likely, having worked in restaurants for a number of years I can certainly understand how this could happen. But if you’re going to sell a specific qty you really need to come close.

  4. What’s the rate? They advertise their generation rates in the bill. But the delivery charge appears out of thin air..like a math problem where they don’t show their work.

  5. call em up, let me know what year they respond back to you. lol

  6. "It's an emergency, officer. I got a text that the shake machine was working. It's the first time in a year."

  7. don’t offend a cops perception of authority

  8. There’s a lot to do. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate fiscal responsibility. Plenty of countries manage to do that with universal healthcare, public transit and environmental responsibility. Only in America do we pretend endless debt is normal.

  9. yes, a surplus and increased credit ratings open up a world of opportunities.

  10. Ahhhh, Young love… February is to Winter, what Marvin Lewis was to the Bengals…

  11. that’s what we’ve come to know and expect from them

  12. The ads and people bitching about it on reddit are equally annoying.

  13. why are your students obsessed with ohio?

  14. People these days still think eating shit like rhino horn will cure blood flow to their cock.

  15. this looks like hives, i had the same thing all over my arms when I took a medicine that I was allergic to

  16. i think it’s called ‘masturbators hand’

  17. Notice how the drumming stops when you close the window… MaGiC

  18. the lengths people go to, to not help themselves is astounding. it’s everyone else who should mold to them.

  19. Gift the cake to your least favorite neighbor lol

  20. you’re scummy and i like it!

  21. If this is really all it is (I'm skeptical this is all though), the NCAA should be ashamed of itself. Such an incredibly minor thing while programs are out there buying players.

  22. Harbaugh should be a little ashamed of himself if he submitted a receipt for a 40 dollar lunch for reimbursement.

  23. you think he submits receipts, he’s got that university credit card baby!

  24. more like stupid, ol stupid head

  25. That’s really sad, my favourite hobby when I owned a truck was driving around during bad blizzards and pulling peoples cars out of ditches

  26. probably fucked people’s shit up too. i hate people like you.

  27. Knew one dude from work that did this shit. Annoying as all hell. Unfriended when I was scrolling through and he had posted a selfish of him on the toilet and a caption that said "Poopin'."

  28. hahahaha, this is so fucking hilarious….what kind of menace would do such a thing…haha..a comedic genius….thanks so much for sharing

  29. https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/what-is-body-integrity-identity-disorder

  30. it’s not a disorder, it’s how they identify

  31. They wanted to put it on us so that they wouldn’t have to do any work on the holiday.

  32. what’s that work out to per person 😂

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