Buttered coffee

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  1. Probably just over heated the gelatin. Add it at a cooler temp next time maybe

  2. Not sure why everyone is getting on you about this… even if all it had was 5mg it would make my day go smoother for sure 🤷🏻‍♂️ enjoy!!! for other folks—you can also put infused mct oil on gummies like these and let it sort of absorb into the citric acid bits and sugar to make edibles

  3. Just a heads up... this sub is for food that will GET YOU HIGH. Not pictures of food to eat while high.

  4. Oh no I know lol. The cowboy candy had canna sugar, and made the mac and cheese with some canna butter. It was high all around. 😆

  5. Ahhhhhhh.... sweet. Wouldn't want someone to get booted for posted food that won't get you zooted...

  6. I like butter in my tea since I don't drink a lot of coffee. I even add a little salt 🤷🏽‍♀️. It's delicious if you do it correctly and don't just leave fat pooled on top of your coffee.

  7. Weirdly enough I swear my high hits faster when I use my cannabutter to make pancakes. Could just be the fats in the bacon and sausage accompanying the pancakes. 🤔

  8. Findings inconclusive. The family is split so more testing is needed 🤣

  9. They both look insanely delicious! Would you please share your recipe for them?

  10. They were! I used the cookie recipe from Cupcake Gemma on YouTube. They have a bunch on there trying to mimic Levain's cookies.

  11. Cubbed into the tart! And with a mango coulis covering the base.

  12. I wish to try that one day. I wonder if I will become a puddle or just get wild 😆

  13. You'll be flying then sleep like a log, I know I make 350 400mg rice krispies n brownies... 90% of ppl eat em in bites. Lol


  15. Gorgeous work. So pumped to see others infusing their bonbons and pastries.

  16. Iwata makes nice airbrushes and compressors. Thats what I use

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