1. saw some rogues playing sub or Outlaw instead of assa. really beginner mistakes

  2. People expected SL conduit level of IP maybe?

  3. I think realistically people on this subreddit are just average players (I am not an exception). And most average players don’t know how to deal with melee cleaves so they rage at classes like warriors whenever they get any buffs

  4. It doesn’t really have that many answers. People here have a lot of money. That’s how you buy a house in a nice area in nova. A lot of money.

  5. That's the power squad against the brainless zug meta.

  6. Yes because stunning something for 10 seconds straight then disappearing and doing that over and over again is extremely difficult

  7. Stay positive, friend! Took me 6 months to find a new job after leaving Oct before last, but I'm loving my new digs (and the 40%) raise. Keep hammering.

  8. That was the weirdest parentheses placement

  9. Their entire life is just constant edging

  10. Lol what? Disarm or use literally any cc and it nullifies spear. It’s a 1.5 minute cd. Kidney shot is a 20 second cd

  11. I dropped from 2200 to 1800 since Tuesday as Arms! Fun stuff. I don't get blown up or targeted as much, but it seems like everyone else has more burst and healers are getting picked up from way lower MMR to make the queue faster. I'm getting like 200 MMR below mine as the average and getting tanked even with 3-3 games.

  12. Yea i was 2230 last night, 1900s now lol rip. Hardest thing for me is lobbies with multiple casters. I just don’t know what to do tbh. 100% skill issue but even watching high level players idk I just don’t get it. Either I get blown up in .5 seconds or run around the pillar with 0 uptime.

  13. I just disable my chat so I can’t be verbally abused lol. But I’ve been able to stay at a 50% win rate. It’s definitely hard when people do really dumb stuff like I’ve had multiple people run across the entire arena at 5% health to die behind a pillar alone while I’m trying to catch them to heal them. People are just very bad lol, so I just disable my chat and do my own thing like I’m playing pve with really dumb ai lol

  14. This is always surprising to me because out of 800 games it solo shuffle I’ve seen healers flame dps way more than the other way around. Last night literally had an hpal that said he was going to start throwing because he was calling a rogue in the lobby shit and other profanities.

  15. I’m not surprised it goes both ways. Also all the hate I’ve seen towards healers is usually done using direct whispers not in instance or /s chat so you might just not be seeing it happen. I’m not for shit talking anyone and I think it’s fine for anyone to disable their chat. Nobody should be subjected to verbal abuse, just because it’s in a video game doesn’t mean it is ok

  16. Agreed for sure, and yea that’s unfortunate that probably a lot more happens in whispers

  17. 1... theres a lot of legends already and the season is only halfway done.

  18. 1800 is hard for a lot of people lmfao. That’s like top 15-20% of ladder or some shit. Don’t be a dick just because you’re out of touch

  19. Don’t dh/dk still do the same damage as arms? Arms is just a lot more tanky now with ignore pain

  20. a lot more tanky is maybe overselling it a bit. It's a nice defensive buff, but it's like going from wet paper to dry cardboard.

  21. Yea I agree, seems like arms is still a good target most of the time

  22. It's not psychological, we target warrior way less now.

  23. They meant that people just think arms is hard to kill now because of ignore pain. Reality is arms is still insanely squishy and die by the sword is next to useless if there’s a caster in the lobby

  24. Can you get the weapon mog still?

  25. I'm not going to downvote you because you are expressing your opinion and I do want to encourage the community to be more open.

  26. The biggest thing that’s missing is the mount. Seems like other than r1 title that’s always been the most coveted reward from pvp. But I understand why people don’t want that to be a reward from shuffle. Maybe they could do a ground only mount for solo shuffle glad. Idk

  27. They have to trade it for their die by the sword heal so it’s not just a gain, there’s a loss too.

  28. It’s definitely a huge overall buff. IP is way better than dbts. Half the time you just die through dbts anyways, especially if there’s a caster in the lobby

  29. I really don't like how dispel went from just being a pal/priest thing to 10spec of the game can actually do it.

  30. They did the same thing with mortal strike. Used to only wars and maybe one other class. Now almost every single class has it. Would rather they nerf arms damage and make ms an actual unique thing again

  31. Yea I enjoyed legion a lot partly due to the strong emphasis they put on class fantasy. Each spec did actually feel very unique. Now every spec has every utility again. But yea I’m sure it’s hard to do this from a balance perspective.

  32. Bro, just for life in general you need to not give a shit what people think. If YOU’RE proud of your accomplishment, that’s all that matters.

  33. Go play actual 3s or 2s, where you can impact the game more outside of healing output. In shuffle, a majority of the DPS just zug and aren't coordinated.

  34. Or you play one round, someone rage quits, then you wait in lfg for another 20 minutes

  35. What’s insane about this take is that throughout SL he pretty much never played at 1.6mmr. Almost exclusively above 1.9mmr for his viewer carries.

  36. This is just blatantly not true lmao. He played tons of games between 1600 and 2k mmr including a lot on the lower end of that spectrum

  37. Glad mounts are not that rare anymore. They're account wide, we have had absolutely shitshow seasons where you can get carried hard by gear. If you meet someone at 1800 with glad mount its very likely that they're not alot better than the average 1800 player.

  38. I agree but I’m just saying for that exact reason it makes sense that people frequently talk about seeing glads every other game at low mmr

  39. Looks amazing.. how did you learn how to build basically a small house? I imagine that’s not something you can YouTube lol

  40. What ranged class are you even describing?

  41. sp pre nerf was definitely like that but yea not anymore

  42. I think every single game would be extremely one sided but that’s kinda how it is now anyways and group finder sucks so might as well do solo q

  43. It's like this basically every expansion in one way or another. Whether it's pve or pvp, notoriously almost always bad for pvp

  44. Always? Turbo is notoriously one of the best comps.

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