1. Thor takes round 1. Round 2 Palpatine shitstomps him.

  2. Kratos is so strange, people keep scaling him to multiverse + with lore but in game he's not even planet level.

  3. He can’t scale that high even through lore. Ragnarok shows that the Greek gods only had power in Greece and other places have their own pantheons.

  4. How is it not accurate? Kratos died, he went to the underworld, he was simply able to fight his way back out.

  5. But we CAN assume he can just freeze time, and since his powers aren't ki based, goku can't do anything to resist it. These powers are mental, it takes no time to activate them.

  6. This sub goes off feats and scaling not just assuming shit.

  7. I'm not assuming anything. Let me restate that. He CAN just freeze time, and since gokuvcant of anything about it...

  8. Except Goku literally has.. on multiple occasions. 🤦🏻‍♂️ And you literally said in your post that you were assuming.

  9. Your reaching lol. Also these feats are actually working against them if you want to include them in this battle. Luke beat Vader! Even after all these super duper impressive feats you keep spewing out, he still gets beat by Luke!

  10. Yeah Luke won… because Vader was holding back. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve posted feats slowing him doing things far beyond what he did in their duel, many things he could have replicated but didn’t, I’ve included a statement from Luke from the damn movie stating Vader wasn’t trying to kill him. You’ve posted literally nothing to prove your point.

  11. I have used logic to prove my point. Your feats are meaningless and the quote is as well. Even if Vader was holding back at the end of Jedi, the level they where fighting at was far beyond anything Obi wan ever fought against.

  12. I am aware. This would be below Surfer given that Supernovas are millions of times more powerful than planets and Surfer...surfs on those explosions.

  13. Goku and Beerus' punches were threatening to destroy the universe when Goku was only SSG, he's multitudes stronger than that now and Black Frieza one shot him with ease. Surfer is not competing with Current Frieza in any way, shape, or form.

  14. That is some serious fucking wank. He might, just might, be able to not die instantly to OG Supes from before he could even fly, when he was only "stronger than a locomotive". Any other Superman completely washes him.

  15. I feel the Imperium would resort to the Life-Eater virus vs the Flood. It turns any and all organic matter to sludge and produces so much flammable gas that when ignited it burns anything left on the planet including the atmosphere. If they caught them soon enough and went with the nuclear option right off they could eliminate them. It's doubtfully they would do that however and I think the Flood would spread quite a lot before they started going with that option and cleansing worlds.

  16. Calling this a catch up mechanic means that it's part of the gameplay loop, that means that msf is pay to win and essentially pay to play since you will be locked out of content if you don't have the characters. Kinda crazy that scopely doesn't realize how messed up their game is. It's making money but it's really trashing the IP and I believe that boundless doesn't take pride in their work bc this could very well have been a fun, engaging, and highly profitable game, really at one point it was a contender for best hero collector game and now it's just the opposite.

  17. Hate to break it to you mate, but all mobile games are pay to win, especially the "free" ones.

  18. Are you serious? This is absolute spite. Sentry so far outclasses literally anything in Naruto it's insane. He's beaten the crap out of all of the avengers at once, fought Galactus to a stalemate, and beat WWH to the point that he turned back into Bruce.

  19. No he headbutted him and galactus literally got up a panel or two over

  20. It still knocked him out.. you realize you can be knocked out for a short period right? Being knocked out doesn’t mean it has to be for certain amount of time or it doesn’t count. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. it didn't knock him out at all. His eyes were open the entire time. You can get punched and immediately get up that doesn't count as a knockout.

  22. Tarrasque was my first thought. However, they have immunity to fire and nonmagical BPS, which pretty much encapsulates every damage type an apache would realistically have.

  23. A tarrasque can't die unless you cast wish or miracle, so technically it can't kill it even if it wasn't immune to the damage type.

  24. People actually play 5e? Nah I’m kidding. Didn’t know they nerfed it.

  25. Rick gets absolutely destroyed. The Doctor is one of the most broken characters in all of science fiction. He stopped a war between two civilizations that could control space and time, basically completely destroying one and locking the other outside of time and space in a pocket universe. He could also claim the glory which would give him omniversal power.

  26. We have no reason to assume it means anything beyond the surface of the surface of the planet though

  27. When is it said that it is going to destroy literally the entirety of the planet?

  28. Soul Society is the same size as the planet. Yama was threatening to destroy it without even trying. Are you dense or just another Naruto fanboy who thinks theyre universal or some other bs.

  29. Wildbow has stated that an attack with the ability to kill all life on the planet would kill an endbringer so they’re pre planet buster, but anything that can bust a planet can kill them. They’re post Raditz but pre Namek saga.

  30. I don't really see how mannequin would put him on the defensive he would be among the strongest brutes in the world tbh I think there's a fair chance he kills Jack if Jack gets too cocky.

  31. This is insomniac spider man, not 616, and even 616 spidey is nowhere near the top brutes in worm. As far as Jack goes, Spidey would kick his ass since he doesn't have a shard and Jack cant use his fuckery against him.

  32. Insomniac Spidey has been able to hold the weight of a crane and fight against 616 Spidey in equal terms. A crane weights around 400 tons that would put him above anything shown by any capes in worm bar Alexandria

  33. Lmao no he did not, he webbed it for about 2 secs and then webbed it up to try and keep it from falling, and even then it only didn't fall because it got propped up by a building. There is literally no version of Spiderman outside of the version that had captain universes power that can match up to the top brutes in worm.

  34. Everyone dies pretty much instantly. They make Flash comic relief and a jobber in the comics because if they made him serious and competent then almost ever crisis could be solved in seconds.

  35. I think people are ignoring the no supernatural clause that OP put in the prompt. Michael's strength and durability are supernatural, without that he's complete fodder as the dude apparently never even learned how to move past a brisk walk.

  36. He got hit with a high-pressure firehouse in the second movie and literally walked through it without trouble. A crowd of walkers isn't gonna slow him down.

  37. Yeah except he's only able to do that because in the movies he's an unstoppable force of evil. OP say he doesn't have anything supernatural about him which is where his strength and durability come from. As a normal person he would be fodder to a horde since he never even runs.

  38. I’ve only been playing like 2 months, worth it I assume?

  39. It’s beyond worth it. It’s literally thousands of dollars worth of gt 14/15 mats for around 25 bucks.

  40. That's probably what they will do. This is insanely stupid to be a mistake, I have to agree with whoever said it was intentional

  41. Someone had to create the splash art for the offer, so something about it was intentional.

  42. Yet another that death battle got wrong. Shocking. 🙄 Especially the bs about the deathseed being on par with the phoenix force which is multuversal.

  43. As someone who only knows Apocalypse from the X-Men cartoons I am very confused.

  44. Apoc is a massive jobber but honestly there’s literally no way he would actually beat Black Adam.

  45. The Seven are non factors and the JL are much more powerful and versatile than any version of the Squadron Supreme. Martian Manhunter could feasibly defeat the two teams with telepathy alone.

  46. Ehh. Some versions of Hyperion have some crazy feats, like holding back an incursion and then surviving the destruction of two universes at once.

  47. Any healer telling you not to use your invuln is bad and should be ignored. Also if someone does what that sage threatened, report them as it violates the ToS.

  48. On my sage I could probably do more damage and keep you healthy if you don't superbolide. I gotta blow a bunch of shit on you to dig you out of the hole that I could be doing damage with.

  49. If you need to " dig them out of the hole" then they're bad, full stop. It's not hard at all to get to a healthy level after bolide. Aurora right after bolide and then hoc before it wears off and you're fine no healer intervention needed.

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