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  1. Just to clarify, you don't need a Steam Headset to run it. It will run with any Headset that can connect to a computer. The Quest 2 will work, you just have to hook it up to your computer.

  2. Yep! I play this with my Quest 2. You can go wired from a 3.0 port or wireless with a good 5ghz connection thru AirLink.

  3. Oh I'm right there with the little nachtraben!

  4. This is the comment I was waiting for.

  5. Fully agree. Most of the character story quests are where some of the best writing is, with really interesting stories. But man did they do Ayato dirty, I could not have cared less about what was going on. Man that was dull. Could have covered what was going on in 1/8th the dialogue.

  6. Ooooh good suggestion, definitely has that same flow just in 3rd person.... And no mechs sadly.

  7. Gosh the old DK games were GEMS! Too bad about the cash grab mobile version now pretty much the nail in the coffin for that franchise. A real remake in a modern engine would be stellar too.

  8. Holy shit you just triggered a memory, was it when the little blue alien guy sacrifices himself or something along that line? Because he understands friendship now? I remember that kinda fucking me up as a kid.

  9. Guarantee when the conditions are met, that things getting up and popping up a boss hp bar.

  10. Still not fixed for me, might be fine for a couple hours or so on a fresh reboot with nothing running in the bg, antivirus off, razer synapse off, steam overlay off. But sooner or later, I get the double stutter, about 1 sec each and 1 sec apart, every minute or so consistently. R9 3900X, 3080, 32gb ram, game installed on the m2. Nothing fixes it except for another reboot. Fullscreen or borderless makes no difference. Tried pretty much all the other fixes. Am just cursed.

  11. I had a similar issue with jedi fallen order so I uninstalled it

  12. This game is great so I don't want that to be the only option lol, just means I power thru a few hours at a time.

  13. "Smtihing Stones" not shards, sorry, old habits and all.

  14. There are more than enough. You can even buy them from your hub vendor later in the game. By endgame you will be able to buy every tier except the ones that upgrade to the max (+10 for uniques and +25 for non-uniques).

  15. This is awesome news, and exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you!!!

  16. This is what always got me about Blizzard games, big bombastic cinematic trailers with enormous creatures. In game? Click on the little 30 pixel wide guy to make them go pew pew.

  17. Finally, nice to know I'm not alone in this lol! I respect the Zelda franchise, but honestly none of them have clicked with me.

  18. Grab a wifi scanning app, "Wifi analyzer" is free, and check your local 5ghz congestion. Find a free channel and switch your 5ghz band to it, this made a world of difference and also allowed me to play Alyx on Ultra, no sweat.

  19. it was always working fine my WiFi is setup up properly, but this post is specifically referencing a time when I bypassed the bitrate limits on airlink and everything looked gorgeous.

  20. Sorry, just giving what little steps I can in the hopes of getting you back to that crystal clarity moment. After "not only did unknowingly have a 5ghz connection" I wasn't sure how much you tinkered with it.

  21. I bought a Q2 having never played VR, primarily for Resident Evil 4 and I'm BLOWN AWAY by how freaking cool it is. I'm about 12 hours in and only just getting to the last section. I usually beat the game in about 6 hours on flat screen. I'm just in constant AWE.

  22. Second this, RE4 on the Q2 is absolutely ruining pretty much every other VR experience for me. It's SO smooth and intuitive. I never played RE games because typically I don't like them but I am loving this one.

  23. Hot take: Doom 2016 is better than eternal.

  24. Fully agree, 2016 was the perfection, Eternal was a mostly different formula for Doom.

  25. In this same vein, I would also say True Lies, 1994. Another Arnold jam, and an all time action and humor favorite.

  26. It's gonna be alright my dude. ☺️

  27. I don't like puzzle games, I typically don't like open ended games with no clear objectives, I don't like games that prey on my phobias, I don't like jump scares.

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