1. Yeah tbh the only reason I hate on jersey is because I’m sad I can’t live there. Growing up, I lived in a town called saddle river, like 40 mins outside nyc, and it was fucking amazing. Absolutely beautiful place and people were super cool. A lot of celebs lived there because of how chill it was.

  2. M’y gay brother was kidnapped by a guy he met online. The guy drugged him and drove his rental car and him to Ft Lauderdale. Somehow my mom got him on my brothers phone and talked him into letting my brother go. He was ODing on whatever the guy gave him and the guy dumped him at a hospital. My parents had to drive 14 hours to pick him up. It was scary.

  3. Ayy I’m in Ft Lauderdale. We have a massive gay community here in a town called Wilton Manors. Prob where your bro ended up.

  4. When I lived in nyc, the people living in gentrifying areas wanted rich people to move back into their rich areas like lower manhattan so they keep paying taxes but don’t increase the local rent

  5. Okay you 90%'ers, I will purchase your unused guitars for cheap. Let's do this.

  6. Wait until you get into production, specifically synths lol. I’ve dropped like $50k on synth gear in the past few years

  7. What do you mean with "flag disposal ceremony"?

  8. Cmon bro they made a whole king of the hill episode about it

  9. Random buttons? She was mostly pressing the flat surface of the board....

  10. Tbf, that’s the cue button that you use to reset the time in a track you’re mixing in, depending on where you set up a cue for that track. You usually press it to the beat until you hear it synced up. It’s probably the button people push the most during a set. If you’re gonna fake, you should prob be hitting that a lot lol

  11. The whole thing feels kinda tiny. If it would not have the big deck, it would just be like a regular flat. (Except in Berlin and New York)

  12. Lol yeah I was tripping but queens really is mad cheap if you live east like woodhaven/Jamaica area

  13. The young women who were saying shit like "Chris Brown can punch me in the face any time" were just mind blowing. Like, Jesus H Christ on a bike

  14. Ya. If it was cheaper people probably wouldn’t have stolen them so much. I remember kids in my school used to legit raid the store lol

  15. There will be someone asking:

  16. I’m sorry but someone has to be regarded to fall for this

  17. I’m personally just shocked the lobsters at Red Lobster are fresh

  18. I live in Florida where we have lobster and crab seasons and red lobster is low key much better than a lot of local spots who source fresh daily lol

  19. I mean it sucks but it's the truth. Some of y'all are too young to remember how fast G4/G5 Macs became doorstops after the Intel switch. You could buy a top of the line G4 PowerBook for 1/3rd of what it cost new only like a year and a half later.

  20. I remember buying a G3 because it was “y2k compliant” lmfaoo

  21. Yes. It’s called uncertainty, because everytime I comment a “fact” on Reddit, someone like you comes along trying to disprove or correct me. Just enjoy the comment.

  22. If you’re uncertain about it just don’t call it a fact lol

  23. I know this is a few days old, but this is montreal Canada

  24. It absolutely does matter because it varies a good bit from brand to brand even at the lower end. This isn’t the audiophile sub and there’s very few here looking to spend thousands on speakers.

  25. Yeah but at that point you’re just comparing bad to worse, I get what you’re saying but if you really want something decent ya gotta pay to play 🤷‍♀️

  26. Like I said this isn’t the audiophile sub and you’ve yet to provide an example of a better brand for the price lol

  27. Like I said, you can’t polish a turd. If you’re buying low-end, everything is going to sound compromised. Idk what to tell you.

  28. This looks exactly like the track hawk Avery Jackson has in greys anatomy

  29. Smaller nugs are best tbh. Not as pretty but way less overall weight in stems.

  30. That's my problem with the c8 lol. I say it looks more like a Ferrari, but to me it doesn't say corvette. I agree its a sick performing car for the price, but I hate the looks

  31. As a Ferrari fan I hate this comment with all my being lol

  32. That was my first thought, how long that poor fan motors gunna last being used improperly like that. Fire waiting to happen.

  33. Damn I used to have a box fan like this that I literally sat on with a milk crate on top because my room had no ac and I could fan my balls/ass. Thing lasted like 10 years. It’s prob still at my parents house working tbh lol

  34. Just wait until you learn about scientific studies, especially pertaining to health science. Mostly white male participants.

  35. I've never seen Grey's Anatomy, but I have heard it's really good. I wonder if it's on any of the streaming services.

  36. $25 an hour in my town ain't that bad 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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