1. I will say this as a gamer and a fan of TLOU and someone that is active on the other sub reddit (the good one not the toxic one). I was so used to talking about the game to everyone that also played the games that it wasn’t until after the first episode aired that I realized that there will be people now frequenting the subreddits that don’t know the story, don’t know what’s gonna happen! It’s so exciting for them and I’m happy for them to get to experience this so I have since clammed up unless the thread is very very obviously spoilers heavy but even then I’ve been thinking about just stepping back and letting others go through the story and the emotions of it.

  2. That’s nice. I had The Biggest spoiler already ruined. Yes I absentmindedly clicked a spoiler post, but as I learned the hard way, things that have already aired on the show get the same tag as things from game two. It would be nice to have separate tags.

  3. Have you asked your child where they want to go? I feel like every fancy steak and Italian place is going to be more on the spendy side.

  4. I have, they want to go to Atlanta (we live in the outskirts so going to Atlanta is always exciting!), but not too much else really as far as requests. I'm not opposed to spending money but with three people who can't really appreciate why something may be expensive, it feels kind of wasteful to me. I guess maybe what I'm looking for, the ambiance and service without the expensive food isn't possible.

  5. A joke only told and laughed at by old and ugly men, of course

  6. I would punch a newborn baby in the face with no restraint to have this in my man cave

  7. Broken schools are a reflection of something deeper. Changing roles for employees won’t fix the deeper problems. It’s like a massive knot, and you’re trying to pull one thread to fix it but actually it’s just tightening the knot even more.

  8. That’s the goal. Destroy public education so they can use private and charter schools to instill their Christian Nationalist bullshit in as many kids as possible.

  9. You’re exactly right, and the Carson v Makin ruling will help them turn their vision into reality.

  10. Here's the one I know. I guess there are tons of variations based on region and time period, but this was the Midwest late '90s/early '00s version I learned:

  11. Our end was different. After dark it went something like:

  12. Exactly what I came to ask. I'm so, so sorry you're living this reality.

  13. I knew from the thumbnail pic this was going to be a crockpot abomination

  14. I agree you shouldn’t stay off a sub based on a tv show but you definitely should avoid ALL spoiler posts if you don’t know the whole story that the show is adapted from. Why even risk it? No seriously, why are you opening spoiler posts if you know there is a good possibility you’ll get spoiled on something? Considering only a small fraction of the story has been adapted for television so far, it really boggles my mind. Seems like you have no self control over your curiosity. I do feel bad you have a big part of the story spoiled, my advice would be stay off this sub entirely so you don’t have anything else spoiled. There is still a lot more big reveals.

  15. I don't know how I can be more clear. Almost every post is marked as a spoiler. The majority of them are about already-aired episodes OR they're minor spoilers (spores to tendrils) that don't really change the story and characters, so seeing the word "spoiler" doesn't automatically mean there will be new, unknown, show-ruining information. If there were a separate tag for like, "game 2 spoilers" then I wouldn't click that. I've seen many other posts where people preface by saying "huge spoiler" and then they black out the text. It's not a rule, but it's polite.

  16. Again, I’m just curious to why you opened the post knowing you can be spoiled? Cus the current state of the sub flairs, there is no way to specify the type of spoiler. I chose both game and show just to be sure. Yes I could’ve specified more in the title, but I didn’t. I’m just really curious to why you opened the post knowing that there can be a spoiler for you since you don’t know the whole story. No really, what we’re you trying to gain from this post? I posted it after episode two and never specified what the adaptation change I was curious about. There was enough information in the title post to inform someone who doesn’t know the story not to open the post because I never specified what adaptation change I was curious about.

  17. I've answered your question multiple times and your tone is starting to get really rude and condescending, so I won't answer again.

  18. Rolled oats, raisin bagels, huevos Rancheros (kinda lol), cinnamon Rolls, raspberry bars, rugelach

  19. Yeah, this part rubbed me the wrong way. “businesspeople casually stepping over a writhing, inebriated lady at the entrance. What I love most about the Ponce Green’s is how it’s a microcosm of Atlanta…” that transition makes it sound like he views someone’s suffering as a funny quirk of the city. Gross

  20. So you recommend not letting it come to room temp before reverse searing?

  21. I personally don’t do it because it allows the steak to have more time on the smoker. We pull it off the smoker around 85 degrees, so if steak is already at room temp then it’s only a 15 degree rise on the smoker. From fridge to smoker is more like a 40 degree rise. I don’t know that my way is necessarily more right or whatever; it’s just a personal preference of a little extra flavor from the longer smoke time prior to searing on the grill

  22. 85 is the lowest I’ve heard. So the subsequent searing gets you to 130-135, or whatever you’re going for?

  23. Like 85-90 and then yes, the sear we pull off about 130 and then rest 5-10 minutes. Our infrared burner on the grill is so hot that we’ve found going much higher on the smoker result in overcooked steak

  24. A flat top can be cooked on directly. There are regular burners for pots and pans, I think. You can buy a propane flattop grill for home too. I know it's the next grill purchase for my household. Good for burgers, stir fry, fajitas, breakfast, and more

  25. Hell yeah. I’m there to watch these crazy ass rich people alongside the local workers.

  26. I disagree with this. She was a designer's muse in Italy and had a closet full of designer clothes that she seemed really happy to show off. I think she just thought it be akin to gloating to talk about it a lot.

  27. Yes. Betty is old money, while Peggy and Joan come from working class backgrounds, so it makes sense that they’d be more dazzled by new clothes than Betty

  28. My dad passed away last month and his celebration of life is this weekend. In his honor I broke out his old smoker we cooked hundreds of pounds of meat on together and fired up bout 10 racks of ribs for everyone. It has rust all over, air holes everywhere, busted wood on the shelf. it’s not my usual setup but it’ll get the job done. RIP dad

  29. What a nice way to honor his memory. Sorry for your loss

  30. Can you explain what that sauce is for the people like me in Europe? Thanks

  31. We always do one probe in the smoker and one on the meat. Then double check the meat with an instant read. If your smoker isn’t really thick metal then the cold temps do affect it even if it says it’s at whatever temperature.

  32. Atlanta Grill Company in Roswell has TONS of rubs and sauces you can buy. I bought a Peach Glaze from them last year - best ribs I've ever had in my life.

  33. This is the best answer. Every sauce and rub your heart desires.

  34. Is it cold outside where you are? We’ve started upping our butt temps (lol) because they always take 24 hrs, but we also always have like 7-10lb butts. We cook at more like 250 and pull at 205.

  35. Nope, 55 overnight lol. Clearly I need higher temps, painful lesson (resolved by leftovers last night lol)

  36. Don’t sweat it; we’ve all been there. Lesson learned!

  37. I'snt public education socialist? Most, if not all, public services are net losses.

  38. Yes. That’s why there’s such a huge push to eliminate it. The suckage of public schools is not an accident

  39. My mom has this book! I look at it all the time when I’m at my parents’ house but have never made anything from it

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