Russian state TV: host Vladimir Solovyov threatens Europe and all NATO countries, asking whether they will have enough weapons and people to defend themselves once Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine comes to an end. Solovyov adds: "There will be no mercy."

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  1. I never watched Star Trek, but this was really really good. Can’t wait for season 2.

  2. I have one dual sense that drifts left. It’s annoying considering the cost.

  3. I live in Columbus. Born and raised. Kobe can come but Emily can stay right where she’s at.

  4. Ok, I googled it. It was back in 2012, so that makes more sense---nowadays the bank would definitely not wait 4 years to foreclose, and they'd want to sell the house as soon as possible. He had not paid any taxes or bills since 2007, the city even shoveled his walk and mowed his lawn and billed him for it, letting the charges build up for that long. So it seems there were a lot of failure points. Very sad anyway.

  5. They could. I worked on mortgages for years. I’ve seen some shit.

  6. Shit original content, constantly cancelling shows rather than working on them, price increase, no pass word sharing, no single screen 4k option.

  7. That’s why I canceled. If I could have single screen 4k option for a lower price, I may have kept it out convenience.

  8. I read about how he pushed out the founders of Tesla and it went downhill from there.

  9. Yes, it is still good but create a mini series for those episodes.

  10. These republican Texas lawmakers are really slow on the uptake, because all these companies have a lot of really liberal employees that tend to vote democratic.

  11. Don’t worry they will design the districts to dilute liberal votes. Look at the city of Austin.

  12. Columbus, Ohio boasts the site of the first Wendy's restaurant, right outside downtown on East Broad Street, across the street and just down a ways from the Columbus Museum of Art.

  13. Not anymore they tore it down years ago. Used to as a kid on field trips.

  14. I've worked with a lot Africans. And many people from the continent is more direct.

  15. She is awesome. I love the way she stood up for herself. And dude is disgusting. 17 and 24 to big of an age difference.

  16. It is not needed but it does encourage you to at least read the final three books.

  17. They needed content. They were already down one couple.

  18. Too bad he didn't actually step away. The show is horrible.

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