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  1. There was a movie about that...

  2. the edits just a week apart being so completely different is absolutely hilarious lmao

  3. People say they prefer the truth. And that's what is called a lie.

  4. I don't think finding a partner should be too easy. Online dating is like fast food to me. Yes it's convenient but too much of it doesn't seem healthy. I would shop for more organic relationships and organic foods.

  5. I can see your philosophy, but I don't even know how to be sexual, like I don't know what to say or do that isn't: "I would like to have sexual intercourse with you, for I find both your outer and inner appearance very attractive. And with a little, which for brevities sake we shall simply refer to as "luck", we may even find ourselves growing old with one another."

  6. Someone posted an Undertaker (wrestler) meme about autistics making social skills their special interest. That's kinda what I did. Now I can identify reoccurring patterns in human behavior and insert myself into the patterns that work best for me, even though they're hard to find.

  7. That's exactly why I have friends and people usually like me. But... I never had a girlfriend, got awkwardly rejected once when I was 16, and next year I'm 30.

  8. I can think of a few times I almost died as a direct result of dealing with my issues myself. I was lucky enough to have a good enough support system in place. But in the end, what really saved my life was the internet.

  9. Apologies for the euphemism. I'm trying to normalize the word suicide in my brain & communication still

  10. Who's a good little bot? Who's a good little bot? You are! Good boy!

  11. I also love bats they are my special interest

  12. Biggest bats? Smallest bats? Coolest bats, in your opinion?

  13. One thing I absolutely love about this sub is that someone will mention their special interest and inevitably, someone else will ask for an info-dump. Makes my heart so happy (and I get to learn new things!)

  14. True that! I just looked it up, because I was like: They aren't? Then wtf are they?

  15. I associate anti-puzzle piece people with aspie supremecy because this was not an issue in the late 90s early 2000s.

  16. Doesn't it have something to so with Autism Speaks and how much they suck?

  17. Nope. Autism $peaks did not invent the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism, they just co-opted it later on. The puzzle piece actually dates back to the 60s.

  18. I cannot agree with both of you more. I actually had to advocate for myself to get a diagnosis because I was struggling in work, school, and relationships. I could feel something was not right but I couldn’t figure out what. I brought it up to my family and friends but they always went with the “awww there’s nothing wrong with you, you just insert whatever here” and I just had to navigate so many spaces and situations without any help. I am lucky to have had the internet btw

  19. The internet was my savior as well. Because of it, I have all of you to feel normal with.

  20. Yeah, that's unfortunately true as well, especially when it comes to disabilities such as autism. People who are not autistic, think that autistic people cannot be aware of their autism. It's so frustrating that even professionals can be like this...

  21. I have come to find that the opposite is often true. Many, if not most autistics observe and feel they're different from a very young age.

  22. most people have completely corrupted their attention spans through tiktok so they can't even focus on a 5 min youtube video :D

  23. My attention span is already compromised enough as it is. ;)

  24. The first moment I opened it, I was instantly audio-visually assaulted. I've hated TikTok ever since and my hatred for it keeps growing.

  25. I have a friend (who also has autism) like this, he could sleep for days. Im the opposite, after a max of 7 or so hours i wake up and just can't get back to sleep. Both have pros and cons i guess.

  26. That's very much me. Also on average I wake up 4 times per night. Yet every once in a long while I will not only sleep through, I'll sleep for 9 - 10 hours.

  27. It used to be San Andreas. Then GTA 4. Then TES: Skyrim. Then GTA 5. Now it's mostly Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 (now that it's playable). I love me some open world games and Mods, baby!

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