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  1. Leave it as is.... its a excellent weapon from the factory..

  2. I mean your not wrong... I just want to be able to customize it.

  3. U can but most aftermarket stuff sucks from my experience...just trying save u money and time... its a great rifle in stock form

  4. same goes for straight guys with meeting interested girls, men are just too interested in sex if you ask me, and really, I'm a 19 y/o virgin who never met a gay in real life (besides a few that frankly disgusted me, and before you call me a homophobe one of them would post public messages on facebook to his partner about how much he loved how he stimulated his prostate until he came, really graphic, and all his facebook friends could see it, for context, he was 16 at the time and he had 200+ friends including all close relatives and his teachers from 1st grade till then). I thought I was in a bad spot because I literally never found a guy that doesn't disgust me that would possibly be interested in doing stuff with me, but actually it's what I "wanted" that made me feel sad, and after a lot of meditation I'm less "horny" and a lot better.

  5. It's not that easy to just become less horny... Literally feel it even when I'm not trying, I mean it could be the fact that my partner isn't here with me which I wouldn't have to worry about needing to constantly to just not be lonely.

  6. Yeah, I didn't mean it's all gays that are like that, just the ones that I met in person, I have a gay friend on the other side of the ocean who's really great, but he's on the other side of the ocean....

  7. Imigain getting a spider bite on your tip.. ouch

  8. Yeah but I don't know when or where they do events and I only want one Metadev skin

  9. If you go to any irl tournament they will give out metadevs. If you really want one that bad you can buy them off someone.

  10. I don't know who I could buy them off, maybe eBay but not sure

  11. Yes. and I also love when an older man is very sociable, who is always trying to teach something. it’s psychologically pleasant for me to contact such people.

  12. My man is like that, he likes to talk about stories and give me life advice, speak his philosophy... But I kind of got annoyed with it. Since being away, I really miss that. Of Course physical contact will happen but there's that risk... Since he has something, besides that. I'm looking forward to having a picnic and talking about life like we used to when I was with him all the time.

  13. I feel like this often... Most of the time I'm relatively okay but I get you. I didn't really feel like anyone actually liked me, especially in highschool, yeah I had a group of friends but they didn't REALLY know me. Now things have since then improved, I came out to my friends and they seem to be cool with it.. I'm now in the military although I hate it a lot of the time I still get through it. I never thought I would get anywhere but I got somewhere and that's better than nowhere. Don't give up on yourself, there's always room for improvement. If you need someone to talk to, hit me up

  14. I'm gay, it's just like going about it slowly... I used to be afraid of my feelings and now I'm open. To anyone I'm just a normal dude but to people who actually know me, they know how I roll.. just be casual, you do you... You got this

  15. Definitely not a typical situation... I thought of doing something like this... Plus already being gay wouldn't even be much of an issue. I get the struggle but you should definitely try and get a job after this whole Corona situation. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, but you should be safe with Sex...

  16. Literally my relatives thought I wasn't going to graduate or get a job... Graduated in 2018 and been in the military for 7 months now... They stopped talking shit and always want me to send them money now

  17. happy with my Humvee watch, had it for 9 months now lol

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