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  1. Because people are lazy. Don’t you worry - there is great Kinect content. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are an universe ahead of the failed XBox One Ports.

  2. Wer gegen Mainz abkackt, hat es nicht verdient, Deutscher Meister zu werden.

  3. Don’t get me wrong - but they ruined a glorious franchise. Epic pulled off a gigantic self-ironic machismo gore fest.

  4. As long as Nintendo is the home of polished gameplay they really have nothing to worry about.

  5. I have an iX, which I know to be generous has a polarizing look. For shits and giggles I test drove the EQS SUV 580, which is the highest end model. I found all of the touchscreens overwhelming – like being in a mirror booth at a carnival. It also seemed like the passenger touchscreen and middle one were entirely duplicative. Beyond that, I found the handling, particularly the soft braking, much worse than on my iX. I am not saying the iX is by any means a perfect car, but compared to the EQS I test drove and the loaner i4 and X5 I had from BMW, it has had by far the smoothest handling and most comfortable ride. The one thing is having grown up in station wagons and owned a convertible and a coupe before, I appreciate the lower seating of the i4. I’m hoping BMW makes an i5 Touring and brings it stateside and other companies follow suit with electric station wagons, as I’d definitely be in the market for that next time.

  6. Es ist schon echt traurig, wenn Singvögel keine Habitate mehr fernab der Zivilisation finden. Das Problem sind nicht die Katzen. Das Problem ist, das in Großstädten inzwischen mehr biologische Diversität herrscht als auf dem platten Land.

  7. I guarantee you - given there is no competition in that segment apart from the Taycan Sportswagon - the Touring version will sell really well as it is currently a one of its kind in the whole market.

  8. Just remember, GME is the only play. Never happening again .

  9. Awfully wrong timeline. While GME is the main play what we are seeing in Towel is Helm’s Deep.

  10. Bro, towel is done for. People invested heavily & lost a fortune of savings. Anyone still in it is just bag holding and trying to justify bad timing.

  11. That's the beauty of the internet. I have a differing opinion and I'm ready to piss away some coffee table money on Towel while DRS'ing GME.

  12. If you are using the Tank-E Netzwerk in Cologne you should be able to scan the QR-Code on the charger and then your mobile takes you to a website for Ad-Hoc payment.

  13. Ich kenne da jemanden, der hat sich in Göteborg das Bein gebrochen und dann einfach das Konzert weiter gespielt als wäre nichts gewesen.

  14. I guess it’s save to say the 360 folks loved it because they never played God of War.

  15. I’m really glad that there is a video going viral of a vet doing the work the owner is supposed to do. /s

  16. Not my cup of tea - but well - I really miss engaging Kinect content. After some really cool implementations on the 360 I still can’t believe they so massively screwed that up on X1.

  17. okay an “SUV” is not a crossover or a hatchback in my opinion, i think like 4runner other full-size SUVs. but still, you just described like 30% of the market. more if you include the ioniq 5, nissan leaf, etc

  18. I personally think of “crossover” as compact SUV which they are also often referred to (think ID4, Ioniq 5, all current Stellantis models).

  19. It seems to need to do more research of the etymology of the word turbo. It hasn't solely referred to a turbocharger or even turbine.

  20. Don’t tell him we had Turbo buttons on our legacy x86 desktop computers. We are dinosaurs 😃😃

  21. If you ever had the joyful experience to have more than one console in your household you realize that going physical is the way to go b

  22. Google the definition of "opinion" and get back to us

  23. So in essence you are telling me RC has the right to express his opinion while neglecting my right to express my opinion that his opinion is shit?

  24. Bro, the statistic he quoted is scientific, and all the restrictions didn’t make it better.

  25. As I said - regurgitating the usual unscientific propaganda completely denying exponential curves regarding morbidity and motality.

  26. Still, I would like someone to point out anything that he said that’s false??

  27. Well - if you argue that way the Nazi’s law that animals need to be anesthesized before butchering can’t be wrong, can it?

  28. Is anyone actually upset about RC’s tweet? Is it partisan to express criticism of the handling of the pandemic?

  29. It’s rather disturbing to regurgitate a right-wing propaganda sentence without acknowledging the fact that millions of people (SIC!) died.

  30. When you shitpost there is a line you should not cross. Well…that’s that.

  31. Simple answer: I learned the hard way that options is not the kind of investment I want.

  32. Interesting. Wanted to enjoy my 5 seconds of fame while searching for my name in the document…

  33. Well...all my brokerages switched to "sell only"...even IBKR won't grant me trading permissions for OTC.

  34. How come? I use them and it allows me - did you check Trading Permissions in settings and enable penny stocks?

  35. There is no box labeled US (Penny Stocks) displayed in my client portal.

  36. As a lot of Germans may chime in being tap water drinkers I can assure you that I live in Cologne - one of the cities where your coffee machines have to be descaled almost weekly if you use the water from the tap directly.

  37. Good for you - me I like bubbles and I hate SodaStream.

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