1. Hard to tell but it also looks cajunized. Hot damn that’s a deal and a half!

  2. Honestly new but not sure what Cajunized means but the prior owner seem like he put a lot in it

  3. Oh that’s right my bad lol this is your first.

  4. Yeah see I usually say this when I tell people I own a busted old 4Runner and a busted old M5 lol. You’re doing it right my dude.

  5. You traded a gun worth about a grand and $100 for an $800 gun?

  6. That's what you get from trading into a shop. Rule of thumb is that a trade-in is worth about 2/3rds of what they'll sell it for.

  7. Reminds me why I never trade in guns.

  8. Sig will just tell you it’s your fault and keep releasing them. 🤷‍♂️

  9. That’s exactly what Shield Arms did lol. They blamed Glock for the problem.

  10. To be fair I think some g43x/48s just dont work with shield arms mags. I know people who try to run it and it just doesn’t work while mine have had no issues. Shield arms also dropped a gen 2 to address issues from Gen 1 while Sig told all my friends their P365 mags rusted because they didn’t lube and oil them daily. Shield is also aftermarket while Sig is OEM.

  11. If only some of the SA mags work in only some of the Glocks, that sounds more like an SA issue to me. Especially considering the track record for OEM Glock mags is damn near perfect.

  12. Finally some genuine northern lights, and not fake photo shopped BS.

  13. So…they fucked your wheels up, lost your OEM parts, and yet you still think it was a “decent experience overall”?

  14. What’s done is done tbh. I definitely won’t be visiting them again.

  15. Usually bad shops get bad reviews when they do bad work, not good reviews for bad work lol.

  16. Either the light is too close, or the nutrient concentrations are too high.

  17. If given the choice, I’ll go with an outdoor range every time. They’re just better overall.

  18. I’ll let you know once I visit all of them.

  19. Blacked out rear with a bright front is the way.

  20. I hate these people. There’s a trend in my area lately where people just don’t turn off their high beams/light bars at night. Even when flashed they don’t care.

  21. I think the fact that you have to ask the question in the first place should give you the answer.

  22. You’d need a 17.4 barrel to make it work.

  23. Pepper spray is the better choice in this case. You want something to keep and create distance. It won’t be perfect and you’ll have to deal with potentially inhaling some accidental. But it’s non lethal and effective.

  24. when a Gucci Glock just ain’t enough lol

  25. lol don’t listen to those people.

  26. My vote is for full size steel, baby. SP01, Shadow 2, or one of the clones like a Tanfoglio or Jericho.

  27. Full size tanfo would be a nice addition. And can open up caliber options.

  28. I will always want one of their “Witness Hunter”pistols. 10mm with a 6” barrel is just too good.

  29. I think they’d work with either Gen 3, 4, or 5 slides. Assuming you’re talking about a compact (19) sized pistol and not a (17) full sized.

  30. If it’s (the motor) an M42, buy it. They’re excellent, torquey motors.

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