1. Caudabe Sheath is great. I ordered a Spigen Mag Armor at the same time. It will be my backup. I like it a lot, too, but the Caudabe is the winner.

  2. I’m Jewish and live in “the south”. When I get asked where I’m from it is definitely racist. I tell them the city I was born in and that leads to more questions. “Where your parents from?” I tell them the cities and states. That leads to the question they are really asking and I don’t always feel safe answering. Sure there are times when it is appropriate to ask someone’s ethnicity and then there are definitely times when it’s offensive af.

  3. Medical opiates are doing wonders for this state. /s

  4. Just say WT101 and you wouldn’t be too far off. KY here, too.

  5. Unpopular opinion: Most Weller offerings are overrated. “It’s muh poor man’s pappy.”

  6. Ditch the SAs and do a Tropheus colony. I would kill for that tank.

  7. A 20 long is a perfect beginner tank. Be sure to go long instead of tall no matter what size you go with.

  8. Corporations raising prices and blaming it on fake inflation, knowing half of consumers will just blame the current political party in charge like they have been trained

  9. It’s this and the mouth breathers put stickers on gas pumps.

  10. I haven’t seen it on the shelf yet, but I’m looking for Barrell Vantage. I think it should be right up our alley. Look it up. It’s new.

  11. I think it’s mostly the build quality of the device. iPhones are just solid. They don’t have that plasticy feel.

  12. I enjoyed each one of these 17 points equally.

  13. Both are fine bourbons. Can’t go wrong with either.

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