1. Wall your team on danger and to help your kill no one and play other heroes

  2. Maybe be able to coat your hammer in fire and deal burn like Ashe's dynamite but that's just a dream i had once and i thought it was cool but op

  3. Literally the same as Mei's Christmas legendary, put a hat and make it a recolor

  4. Who cares? Are you really thinking about grinding for a skin for a throw pick character?

  5. You might want to buy the battle pass before you start grinding since you will get 20% more exp from matches.

  6. Ok, now i think i'll get the pass early, i just gotta grind normally

  7. My hopium is running out, i want him so bad that i've been checking arcsys' YouTube and Twitter for anything, i just want to be dandy bro

  8. Is it time to riot? I’ve been saying I’ll riot if slayer isn’t released. Should I wait until after the next character is revealed or should I just start now?

  9. Now, we didn't get our boi on his birthday so it's time to riot, grab your pilebunkers, grab your Sharons, grab your dandy clothing and let's riot!

  10. 33% done, 20 hours in, i played on spicy for my first playthrough, was hard at the start but got easier so it's a breeze, don't know about reaper, i'm trying to get pink drops from bosses and it's already hell so i think it can take some time for unlucky people like me, doesn't seem that hard or long to do from looking at the other achievements

  11. Yea I hear that theres certain ingredients that can only be dropped on death difficulty on boss fights too. You need those for the death chips. That's one part that's gunna be a nasty grind (unless theres a method to make fights a lot easier and quicker)

  12. I mean, my strategy is just perfect dodge to go crackhead mode and abuse death slow + death shower combo with +dmg sushi, idk if there's a better one

  13. Your Chipp is busted. How many cans of energy drinks did it take to be like this?

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