1. Is that wood on the wood shelf? WHY IS IT ALL BACKWARDS

  2. there are tons of streamers and big creators who do this. i don't understand why it is now suddenly a big deal when it's been happening for years.

  3. Dang, congrats! There's something to be thankful for.

  4. This came out so quickly, I'm still trying to understand Wesker

  5. Medic because it makes me feel like a crazy madman disguised as a doctor with no medical license

  6. When I was new, I didn't notice what made a killer "toxic" and didn't mind when I died quickly. If a ghostface tbagged on me or something, I would've laughed with him. Tbh I wish I was still that clueless.

  7. I agree, but I am also just straight up annoyed hearing it everywhere, all the time.

  8. It's just back and forth between Russia and Ukraine while the rest of the world is puzzled. I don't know what to believe anymore.

  9. He's a silly guy and his laugh is contagious. We need more joyful killers like doc and clown.

  10. Not sure if this originated from it, but I remember seeing this in a Chinese drama. Always wanted to try it.

  11. Say that even though many big dbd creators change their graphics settings that look similar to that (yet no one criticizes them because they're popular). it's not ugly. in fact, it just looks more vibrant and lively. just cuz it's not your preference doesn't mean it's ugly.

  12. More vibrant? More lively? It's washed out. There are no shadows. It looks like they're just staring at a bunch of videogame assets -- it barely resembles a location anymore. It's like turning on bright, flat emergency lighting on a television set; it destroys its believability and makes it look fake and cheap. The game looks more dead if anything.

  13. it's my opinion and you're not going to change it

  14. I wish I had the chance to walk with my friends to the mall or something like my parents did but I don't want to be hit by a car

  15. I want to be there right now, it looks calming.

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