Just hit me. Swap renewals in Jan 2023. Holy...

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  1. OK. So what do you do when the game creator shuts off the servers that authenticate your access to the game? The game requires that service to work. No service no gameplay. How does having an NFT fix that?

  2. You could try to shut down the blockchain, good luck with that.

  3. Because there is money to be made for VW. Nothing more and nothing less.

  4. A stock split via dividend is still a forward split.

  5. Everyone just apes the same words instead of asking the right questions. Were my shares multiplied or were new shares distributed to my account? Callers should ask them to look it up and have the rep be specific with the answer.

  6. It's like op calls his cardealer to talk about the differences between cars and a Ford.

  7. Every DD and analysis and speculation and calculation that’s been attempted, via multiple methods, would disagree with you, by a lot….but you do you buddy 👍

  8. Go ahead, do your own DD. Go outside, ask people of every age if they hold GME. No cherry picking, just ask. Every answer I got was "no". But that's not tit-jacking-style-dd so nobody would post about it.

  9. Lmao go outside and ask how many people know who Janet yellen is. You think an anecdote is DD? 😂

  10. Well you can try it...ask if they own GME and ask if they know who Janet Yellen is. I guess Yellen would win 10:1.

  11. Sir, nobody is crying. This is a bukkake!

  12. "urgent", "we should", "we have to... immediately..."

  13. I mean...this is exactly what happened like 3 days ago. 🤷

  14. Yeah...just like everything people make up out of his tweets.

  15. I feel like every tweet gets stretched to the max and the most tinfoil stuff gets the upvotes and becomes "a fact".

  16. "Even if all of them with an account will cancel it and not resubscribe, Netflix will be definitely terrified of losing like 0.00001% of their customers."

  17. "if it doesnt matter why make the effort....hmmm....."

  18. Not atall......lets say for the sake of argument (as you say) 500 people cancel their subs....

  19. You seem to care enough to write replies in book length.

  20. Something something call for action something something

  21. Go take your fucking meds and sit in the corner.

  22. You have some serious issues with insulting people man...🙄

  23. You need a tissue😭? You want to act like a dumb fuck, your going to get treated like a dumb fuck. I'm an asshole, guess what.. I don't fucking care.

  24. An asshole with some serious issues ☝️

  25. Is that why HKD is getting pushed up again on little volume 🤔

  26. Just one of these regular 400+% days

  27. So he isn't allowed to post an opinion, because he has no DRS-post?

  28. I don't know where you have been over the last couple of weeks when borrowrate and price both went down south, but I wouldn't call it "like clockwork"

  29. Comparable to GameStop? None. All you'll find is cmkm fud (OTC penny stock that did fraud), Piggly Wiggly in the 1900's that was basically two rich guys having a fight, and northern railroad or something that was again some rich guys having a fight.

  30. It was not "why it stopped at 1k", because Porsche decided "it's enough" after a week. Within this week, the stock jumped between 400€ and 1k every day. 1k is just a huge psychological resistance and it's pretty hard for any stock to cross it.

  31. I think indeed they seal a deal with shf at the time.

  32. See my other comment:"It was not the reason why it only went to 1k, that's all I'm saying, because it got rejected several times at 1k before."

  33. I have no idea I use baconreader and it just gives me a percentage to work with.

  34. I use old reddit and can tell you: "It was not a lot of downvotes".

  35. Gotcha. My bad I jumped the gun on that one. It just looked as though it was being tampered with. Probably just a few bots auto downvoting shit as soon as its posted.

  36. are 3 articles to avoid this week!

  37. I would be confused if that would not be the case.

  38. This is an interesting thought. Could the VW chart actually be used to create fud?

  39. It's super easy to create FUD with the VW chart, because people get it wrong all the time. But I haven't seen anyone doing it.

  40. Looks like was like 5 million shares too conservative.

  41. Is this post a set up? This guy comes in and tells the truth and gets downvoted/called dumb? This is crazy to me people can't openly discuss their thoughts and opinions

  42. And this is why this sub becomes a DRS-or-nothing-bubble...people with reasonable arguments and discussions on other topics face the downvote-mania and name calling in here.

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