1. Stance crowd could be saving tons if they just made Grindr accounts instead of ruining cars to proclaim their orientation.

  2. There’s a reason STi guys trunk swap with WRX guys.

  3. Always surreal to read about someone saving $12k to buy a 240sx when my first one cost $1500 in absolute mint condition.

  4. My rule is you snitch if it benefits you or your friends or family. That’s it.

  5. The dude who got hit has a family. The dude who hit him has a family.

  6. I personally don’t have an STi wing so not part of that brigade. It was more pointed at the fact you seem to think getting the wing is for the approval of other males for some reason. Odd point for you to focus on.

  7. I acknowledged it could be personal preference, while also pointing out a lot of people do it to receive attention. There is a very small % that does it because they think their lap times will improve. Even then, those people will spring for an adjustable or more efficient wing in those cases.

  8. No worries, you’re allowed to feel that way. Just like I’m allowed to feel a wing is a pointless, showy add on for the vast majority of people who do it.

  9. One of the nicest s13.5’s I’ve seen on the planet. Videos of it driving or nah?

  10. Song reminds me of some old school Staind back in the day. That and format it was shot in gives me big 90’s vibes.

  11. Another old guy says, “keep using my system, so I stay rich”

  12. It’s often also, “attempt to cause turmoil so the market goes in the direction that’s advantageous to me.”

  13. I’d prefer an SR20DET, and it would be nice if I’d be able to turbo it but I don’t know if I can and keep it as a daily driver

  14. An sr20det is the turbocharged motor for these cars. The internals can handle quite a bit more than stock boost levels, but only with appropriate tuning and supporting mods like injectors, fuel pump and so on.

  15. I know they’re already turbocharged, I just didn’t know whether or not a bigger turbo would be too rough on the engine. Also, thanks for the powerful car advice. I’d like to keep the horsepower <400 probably, just for safety reasons.

  16. You won’t have many problems running sub 400hp on stock internals, but you will NEED a tune among other things.

  17. What a regarded false equivalency; many people mined along with Satoshi for the first 200k Blocks, Hal Finney and even that tool Craig Wright. It wasnt closed to the public like ETH was.

  18. How many miners jumped in on the early days and how much did they mine?

  19. Is having a swing at him something to be proud about?

  20. Homie made some comparisons that supporting crypto was akin to supporting Judas. I’m surprised the zealots aren’t all over him for likening the US dollar with jesus.

  21. It’s cracked front and back, 2 layers of screen protectors have been applied, it doesn’t close on its own so it has that hovering interactive button enabled to lock the screen and she got a sticker for the phone to say, “broken, hehe”.

  22. It's a limited with most of the bells and whistles. I wanted a manual. It's like $38k on the website but that's before most of the fees and labor stuff

  23. Dang, a loaded up premium manual wrx is selling for 32k at my local stealership and I thought that was steep.

  24. Thread reads like an earlier version of chatGPT wrote it.

  25. Really looking forward to seeing these come into the used market with low miles at a cheaper than dealership cost. Last wrx I found was a 2012 with 20k miles at 9k less than msrp.

  26. Such a weird thing to say, truly.

  27. Straight line sure, but are we also at the point where autos are more efficient for track racing with all the fun twists and turns? I assume most ‘sporty’ autos will come with paddle or a manual way to shift them and keep in certain revs, but likely expensive in terms of having a modern racer. Then there are motor sports like drifting where it’s imperative to kick a clutch here and there.

  28. Yes, DCTs (and even some torque converters like the ZF 8HP used in tons of cars) are faster on a road course as well. They shift up faster and shift down much faster than a human can. If you leave it in auto it's all down to the transmissions programming, but if it's a performance car then it will do a very good job. The DCT in my Elantra N feels almost prescient in terms of its shift logic on a course. As soon as you're hard on the brakes it's downshifting multiple gears for you, as soon as you're ready for power again it's always right there already in the gear for it, no slamming the gas then waiting a second for it to shift down like it does in traffic.

  29. That’s pretty cool! I wasn’t aware the N’s had gotten that high tech, nor was I aware of the paddle pulling to get a pseudo neutral clutch kick.

  30. I can’t speak for the FA, but my EJ is nearing 90k and has been fairly modified for the past 10k of those miles.

  31. I haven’t shot a 170r but I have shot a mech dsr and I can say the ergos on the dsr are way better because the 170r has a fatter back grip and the dsr fits in ur hand way better

  32. I’ve never shot a DSR, but hoo boy lemme tells ya - I like my 170r.

  33. This isn't JDM. None of the 2 variants (Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon) were made in RHD. They were designed and manufactured in the US. They were the products of Diamond Star Motors which is a joint venture of Mitsubishi and Chrysler. I owned a '95 and a '96 Eagle Talon TSi AWD.

  34. Bro next thing you’re going to tell me is the dodge stealth and the Mitsubishi 3000gt are the same car!

  35. Here is my S13 that I’ve had for a little over 2 years. I got it and it was a stock 240 with a refreshed SR20. It makes 380ish HP with a GT2871r, Tomei Cams, 740cc HKS Injectors, Z32 MAF, ISR Manifold, GReddy Intake Manifold and a PBM Intercooler.

  36. I have a similar engine setup and also feel it’s somewhere around 360-380. 2nd gear is scary fun and usually breaks loose.

  37. I’m partial to the Mach V Awesome wheels the guys over at fast wrx made.

  38. Yes, but he kept le handbrake locked and didn’t use a drift button, so he was exiled from the community.

  39. You really hit home with the Automag and autococker comments, two types of gun that i just acquired to use to get back into paintball, the autocock is a Belsales Evo thats been completely refreshed, and the Automag i picked up at a pawn shop and needs a rebuild. But i was able to get it shooting with a single O ring.

  40. Very cool. I’ll have to look up what the belsales evo even looks like. Edit: great, now I want one too.

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